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ARH 4430: 19th Century European Art

Use this guide as a resource to identify and locate the appropriate research tools to use to find books and articles on your topic.


Welcome to the course guide for 19th Century European Art.  In this library session we will be reviewing library resources pertinent for your research in  this class.

Basic Library Tutorials

The  RESEARCH 101 TUTORIALS will provide you with background information about how to use the library such as logging in to the library webpage from off campus, using Find It!, searching three basic databases, etc.  If you are new to using the library, need a refresher, or want to learn about a few important new resources like Find It! in the library, it would be best to review these tutorials prior to coming to the library for your instruction session.

Information about Art in the USF Tampa Library

Library materials about Art are identifiable by the following number on the item:

N = Fine Arts 


How to Read a Citation

It is important to know how to look at a citation for a library resource and know what it is you are looking for. For examples of a book, article or book review see the following:

Reading Citations

It is important to know how to read a citation in order to know what it is you are looking for, i.e. books and journal articles.

BOOK CITATIONS include the Author(s), Book Title, Place of Publication, Publisher, Date. Format.

     Powers, Audrey.  Let's Have Fun.  New York:  Pentagon Press, 2012.Print.

JOURNAL ARTICLES include the Author(s), "Title of the Article", Title of the Journal, volume.issue (year): page numbers. Format.

     Powers, Audrey.  "Let's Have Fun."  Journal of Good Times 60.1 (2012): Print.

Look here for examples of citations: