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ARH 2050: History of Visual Arts I (Fall 2012)


Welcome to the course guide for Dr. Fournier's History of Visual Arts I class. In this library instruction session we will be reviewing library resources pertinent to the library research you will be doing for this class.

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Basic Library Tutorials

The  RESEARCH 101 TUTORIALS will provide you with background information about how to use the library such as logging in to the library webpage from off campus, using Find It!, searching three basic databases, etc.  If you are new to using the library, need a refresher, or want to learn about a few important new resoources like Find It! in the library, it would be best to review these tutorials prior to coming to the library for your instruction session.

Information about Greek History, Prehistory, and Greek Vases.

Generally library materials about Greek History, Greek Vases, and Art are located in these areas of the library collections:

D = History

D 51 - 90 = Ancient History

DF = Greece

DF 10 - 289 = Ancient Greece


G = Geography, Anthropology and Recreation

GN = Anthropology

GN 700 - 890 = Prehistoric Archaeology


N = Fine Arts 

NK = Decorative Arts

NK 3700 - 4695 = Ceramics