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MUE 6793: Techniques of Research in Music and Music Education

Use this guide as a starting point for ideas about where to look for library materials when doing your research.


Welcome to the library guide for Techniques of Research in Music and Music Education.  This guide will help direct you to the appropriate scholarly resources when conducting research for your reserach paper for Dr. Lee's class.

Best Bets

Many of your topics are multi-disciplinary; therefore, the databases you will be using are listed under multiple subjects.  To locate and identify the databases that are appropriate to use, from the main USF Libraies webpage go to Databases by Subject and select the appropriate subject (s).  For instance, if the topic you are researching is a subject within the field of education you will want to search in the music databases as well as the education databases.  ERIC is one of the major Education databases.  Here is a brief listing of a few BEST BETS databases to use based on subject:

  • Music USE Music Index

  • Education USE ERIC
  • Psychology USE PsycInfo
  • Science USE Science Direct
  • Medicine USE PUBMED / CSA
  • Engineering USE IEEE Xplore
  • Dissertations USE Proquest Dissertations and Scholar Commons (USF)

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