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TPP 3155: Scene Study I

This guide will get you started with how to locate information in this library that is pertinent to your area of study and the topic you are searching.

Welcome to Scene Study I

This library guide will provide you with an overview of the resources available to you when researching your topic at the USF Libraries.  It will direct you to the proper sources to efficiently and effectively find the information you need and to use the resources properly.

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Where to Look

The study of Theatre is a very complex discipline.  There are many placess to look for information.  Here are some ideas of where to begin to look for information. 

When you are looking for:

  • SCRIPTS - Check the USF Library Catalog to see if it is in our collection
  • PLAYWRIGHT - Biography databases for information about the playwright
  • ARTICLES ABOUT A PLAY OR A PLAYWRIGHT - Databases both general and Theatre specific
  • REVIEWS - Newspaper databases
  • WATCH A PLAY - Theatre in Video