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ACG 4632: Auditing I


This guide was created to assist studente enrolled in ACG 4632, Auditing I. The guide includes links to resoureces and strategies for identifying companies that filed for bankruptcy in selected years.


Helpful Hints

1. Give yourself enough time to locate the financial statements, so don't wait until the last minute to begin.

2. When searching for companies,  remember that some of the companies you identify will not meet the criteria for the assignment. Students who have been successful in the past have created a list of companies that MAY work, then elimiate the ones that do not.

3. Don't spend a lot of time pursuing the financial statements for a specific company. Some company financial statements will not be available to you.

4. The company's fiscal year may impact which statements you need to find. For example, if a company filed bankruptcy in in November 1995, and the fiscal year runs from September to August, then the report for the year of the bankruptcy is 1995/96 and prior year is 1994/95 . If the same company filed in July 1995, then the report for the year of the bankruptcy is 1994/95 and prior year is 1993/94.

5. Try the steps outlined in this guide first, then ask for help if you are still having trouble.




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