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The Armenian Genocide

Armenian genocide

Timeline & Images

Shows timeline of the massacre from 1914 to 1939

Armenian Genocide Museum

Offers comprehensive information  and documentation of the Armenian genocide.

Armenian Genocide

Comprehensive resources compiled by the Armenian National Institute

The Forgotten

Provides time line, news, pictures and oral history of Armenian genocide survivors

Armenian Genocide of 1915

Very informative website on the Armenian cause

Teaching Armenian Genocide

Grade 7-12 Lesson Plans prepared by Facing History and Ourselves

These are eight lessons ranging from Armenian identity, analyzing historical evidence, American response, to justice and denial of the existence of an Armenian genocide.

Resources for Teachers

Collection of book that teachers can use in the teaching of Armenian genocide.

Court case in Massachusetts on recommended curricular materials

This is a court case regardinging a list of recommended curricular materials about the Armenian genocide to be used in Massachusetts schools.  In this court case, age-old conflicting view points between the Turks and Armenians are played out.

Turkey's Denial of the Armenian Genocide

The Blame Game

Collection of documents by Turks rejecting the Armenian cause as propaganda.

Assembly of Turkish American Associations

This is an association of Turks in the United States and Canada that strongly denies the existence of an Armenian genocide.

Tall Armenian Tale

This is a website refuting that the Armenian genocide took place.

Lectures on Armenian Genocide

Presentations at USF

These are presentations on genocide at University of South Florida.

The Armenian Genocide as Prototype

These are presentations about the Armenian Genocide that took place at University of South Florida. Keynote speaker in the symposium was Richard Hovannisian.

Armenian Genocide Memorials


28 Memorials built in memory of victims of Armenian genocide.

Databases by United Nations

International Human Rights Instruments

These instruments cover: Genocide, War Crimes and Crimes Against  Humanity; The International Bill of Human Rights; Rights of indigenous peoples and minorities; Prevention of Discrimination; Rights of Women, Children and the Elderly;  International bodies established to monitor human rights; among others.

Laws and the Armenian Genocide

The French Parliament Effort

Parliamentarians in France passed a bill that was to make it an offence to deny that the Armenian Genocide never took place. The bill was however struck down as being unconstitutional by the French Constitutional Court.


Report that led to the drafting of the bill on Armenian Genocide denial.

Bill about Armenian Genocide denial

Text of the bill that was passed in the French parliament and the various changes that were made to the bill from the time it was introduced into Parliament.

University of South Florida