An overview of assessment practices and policies at the USF Libraries.


Assessment is a continuous process that ensures the effective evaluation of the services and resources of the USF Tampa Library. 

The development and implementation of the library-wide assessment plan includes: Goals; Assessment Cycles; Outcomes; and Actions. 

Our outcomes-based assessment processes focus on the users of the library and enable us to determine whether our programs and units achieve the intended results. How does my program made a difference? How are the lives of the program participants better as a result of the program?

As noted in Matthews (2007), “Outcome-based evaluation is designed to get an organization, such as a library, to answer a crucial question: We do what, for whom, for what outcomes or benefits?” (Matthews, J. R. [2007]. The evaluation and measurement of library services. Westport, Conn.: Libraries Unlimited. p. 25.)

Committee Charge

The Library Assessment Committee is charged with leading and promoting assessment activities within the USF Libraries. 

To strengthen the Tampa Library’s culture of assessment, the committee will:

  • provide support and oversight, as needed, for assessment efforts conducted by library staff;
  • share expertise concerning assessment methods and goals;
  • evaluate and recommend library assessment best practices and policies;
  • promote participation in assessment activities throughout the library;
  • maintain a repository of assessment data and reports;
  • create and manage a cycle or calendar for all library assessments;
  • create and manage an inventory of past, present, and future assessment activities;
  • provide an assessment “context” for newly created positions and initiatives;
  • communicate relevant and appropriate assessment information throughout the Tampa Library; and
  • recommend actions to provide improvement, based on assessment data/findings.

Assessment Committee

Audrey Powers, Chair (2017-2019)    

John Abresch (2017-2019)           Jason Boczar (2017-2019)    

Melanie Griffin  (2016-2018)         Matt Torrence   (2016-2018)

Tomaro Taylor  (2017-2019)          Laura Pascual   (2016-2018)