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Reaxys - The Online Version of Beilstein Crossfire - Reaxys

An online chemical encyclopedia, containing all the important information about more than 7 million organic chemical compounds, inorganic compounds, and chemical and life sciences patents from the United States (since 1976) and the World (since 1978)

What is Beilstein CrossFire? Now it is Reaxys!

Is now online!


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Reaxys provides access to Beilstein CrossFire, an online chemical encyclopedia, containing all the important information about more than 7 million organic chemical compounds, from 1771 to the present, including reactions and chemical and physical properties (with all corresponding literature references).  Reaxys also provides access to the Gmelin database for inorganic chemistry, and the Patent Chemistry database. The University of South Florida has access to the entire Reaxys database. 

Reaxys - Web Version of CrossFire Beilstein


Now Available!

The client-based CrossFire Beilstein database has converted to a web format called Reaxys, which now provides access to the standard information resource for organic chemistry, Beilstein, the standard information resource for  inorganic chemistry, Gmelin, and the Patent Chemistry Database.  The client-based version of CrossFire Beilstein will only be available until December 2010.

Connect Now!    Reaxys

News from Elsevier on Reaxys:

Reaxys is a brand-new workflow solution for chemists. Offering a wealth of experimentally validated nformation, Reaxys brings a fresh look to synthetic chemistry through powerful functionality and relevant content. Designed by the chemists that brought you the CrossFire databases, Reaxys reduces the time it takes to get to the relevant results.

Powerful Functionality
Search, analysis and workflow tools are designed around the needs and common tasks of users, including:

  • Synthesis planner: plans and proposes optimum synthesis route
  • Multi-step reactions to identify precursor reactions underlying synthesis of target compounds
  • Additional search capabilities such as the ability to generate structure query from names or phrases
  • Search result filters by key properties, synthesis yield or other ranking criteria Results visualization
  • Similarity search
  • Transformation analysis

Combined Content
The merger of the three prestigious CrossFire databases: CrossFire Beilstein, CrossFire Gmelin and Patent Chemistry Database puts all the relevant data at the user's fingertips. A search across the Reaxys database delivers a single results set and each record provides details excerpted from multiple patent or journal sources.

Relevant Information
Reaxys contains an extensive repository of experimentally validated data that chemists need including structures, reactions (including multi-step reactions) and physical properties. Chemists can now get relevant data not found elsewhere - data drawn from source publications carefully selected for their importance and relevance to synthetic chemists.

Remote Access to Reaxys - the Web Version of Beilstein, Gmelin, and the Patent Chemistry Database

Remote access to Reaxys is limited to:

  • USF Faculty and currently enrolled Students

Reaxys Content Details:

  • Reaxys is the merger of three prestigious CrossFire databases:
  • CrossFire Beilstein - Organic Chemistry
  • Gmelin - Inorganic Chemistry
  • Selected literature from 1772 to today
  • Organic chemistry and Life Science patents from US (since 1976), World and European (since 1978) patent publications.
  • Reaxys is updated monthly