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Physical Therapy Library Guide

A guide to physical therapy resources available through the Shimberg Health Sciences Library. NOTE: some resources are available only to members of USF Health.

Style Guides

Overview of Medical Citation

After a Direct Quote

Always include the page number if you are making a direct quote.


After Paraphrase or Summarization


After Introducing Authors


If in doubt, CITE IT. Don't risk committing plagiarism!


The samples below are from or adapted from Citing Medicine: The NLM Style Guide for Authors, Editors, and Publishers. 



Journal titles should be abbreviated. Find journal abbreviations in the NLM Catalog

 If the DOI is available, use that in place of the "Available from: [URL]"


Database Article

If you are missing information, give as much as you can. Remember your goal is to help readers follow your trail.


Contribution to a Book


Package Insert

Package insert



If you copy/paste information, watch out for stowaways, such as hyperlinks or other characters that may tag along for the ride.


In most cases, your References page should include all of the pertinent information, such as is shown here.

Remain consistent in the style that you use throughout your manuscript/poster AND references.



For posters and other places where space is at a premium, you may save space by using an abridged citation style for your References section. 

Only capitalize the FIRST word and the PROPER NOUNS in titles.

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