An overview of assessment practices and policies at the USF Libraries.

Assessment Forms

Current Assessment Projects: 2017-2018

Project Title & Summary

  • Interlibrary Loan: Annual ILL statistics 
  • New User Count: Count the number of new users/semester
  • History of Visual arts I & II: Modules, course guide & quizzes; citation analysis of research papers 
  • Quizzes from modules in CANVAS for CoE: Two modules used in courses for formative assessments
  • Research Assignment on Teaching Fractions: Student read research summaries, locate article from bib, summarize, cite
  • LRA Training Course: LRA training modules & quizzes
  • Instructional Video Metrics: Collect video metrics on YouTube
  • Syllabus Review for Natural Sciences: Marine Science sustainability syllabi review
  • VSC 2011 Lab Project Resources and Assessment: Enhance understanding of databases and peer-review articles for Science databases
  • Virtual Reference/Desk Assessment: Analysis of library instruction and final grades
  • Geneology Education and ACRL Framework: What is being taught regarding geneology research
  • LibGuides: Subject and Course Guide Template Assessments: Enhance access to LibGuides content
  • LSD (library Services Desk) Questions & LRA (Library Research Assistants)  Training: Identify LRA training opportunities
  • Virtual Reference/Desk Assessment: Analysis of statistics from Ask-A-Librarian and LSD
  • Digital Badging: Teach multimedia skills; students earn badges linked to NACE Career Readiness Standards
  • Dissertation Forum: Determine student learning outcomes, useful workshops, obtain future suggestions and improvements
  • Textbook Affordability: Compile data of compliant and non-compliant 45 day textbook deadline
  • E-Resources Usage Statistics: Compile e-resources usage reports
  • Special Collections Collections Use:  Investigations of use by academic departments and programs
  • Special Collections Interlibrary Loan: Assess Special Collections ILLs
  • Student Success of Student Assistants: Assess outcomes of Special Collections student assistants
  • Student Productivity: Assess skills development of student assistants in Special Collections
  • Library Orders (LibOrders): Compile and analyze data associated with firm orders
  • Scholar Commons participation: Gather statistics of faculty engagement in Scholar Commons
  • Copyright Services: Survey of online resources of copyright information in R1 institutions
  • Section 108 VHS Preservation in R1 Institutions: Survey of R1 librarians VHS preservation processes with section 108 copyright and best practices
  • EDF 3604 Classroom Assessment: Assessment of citations from class

Assessment Projects by Cluster