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Research Integrity & Compliance:
This department ensures research is performed in a safe and ethical manner at the University of South Florida.

  • IRB (Institutional Review Board)​ - Human Research Protections  
    • The mission of he University of South Florida's (USF) Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) is to protect the rights, safety, and welfare of human subjects who participate in the research programs of the USF System and its affiliated institutions.
  • ARC (Applications for Research Compliance)
    • The Office of Research Integrity & Compliance administers key research-related assurance and compliance programs required by federal and state agencies and programs for the conduct of research at USF.  This office manages all aspects of IRB, IACUC (Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee) an COI (Conflict of Interest) programs.
    • The USF IRB is fully electronic; all initial review and subsequent study materials should be submitted via the ARC system.  Any questions about the process can be directed to the help desk at 813-974-2880 or