USF Tampa Library Assessment



Audrey Powers, Chair (2017-2019)    

John Abresch (2017-2019)           Jason Boczar (2017-2019)    

Melanie Griffin  (2016-2018)         Matt Torrence   (2016-2018)

Tomaro Taylor  (2017-2019)          Laura Pascual   (2016-2018) 

Committee Charge

The Library Assessment Committee is charged with leading and promoting assessment activities within the USF Libraries. 

To strengthen the Tampa Library’s culture of assessment, the committee will:

  • provide support and oversight, as needed, for assessment efforts conducted by library staff;
  • share expertise concerning assessment methods and goals;
  • evaluate and recommend library assessment best practices and policies;
  • promote participation in assessment activities throughout the library;
  • maintain a repository of assessment data and reports;
  • create and manage a cycle or calendar for all library assessments;
  • create and manage an inventory of past, present, and future assessment activities;
  • provide an assessment “context” for newly created positions and initiatives;
  • communicate relevant and appropriate assessment information throughout the Tampa Library; and
  • recommend actions to provide improvement, based on assessment data/findings.