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USF Tampa Library Assessment

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Should I submit a Assessment Planning Form if I am assessing the efficacy of my job performance or my personal research? (e.g. instruction assessment for the classes I teach, impact of a new work process I initiated)
A:  That depends. If it involves a programmatic assessment of a library service, program, and initiative, then it may be useful to communicate your findings. If it is simply a personal reflection, then probably not.

Q:  Should I submit an Assessment Planning Form if I am conducting personal research related to libraries in general?
A:  No, the USF Libraries Assessment committee is involved in the tracking and oversight of assessment activities related to USF Libraries services only.

Q: Do I need to consult my departmental assessment oversight group before submitting my assessment project to the USF Libraries Assessment Committee via the Assessment Planning Form?
A:  Yes, you should consult with and get guidance from your department’s assessment oversight group before you finalize your assessment plan and submit it via the Assessment Planning Form.

Q: What if my department does not have an assessment oversight group?
A: Consider consulting with your supervisor and/or colleagues.

Q: Does an assessment project need to be a departmental project?
A: It is best if your department is aware of what you are assessing for the following reasons:

  • To be sure your assessment activities are not duplicated
  • To coordinate assessment activities if applicable

Q: Do I have to include my data in the reporting form?
A: No, the reporting form is simply a summary of the assessment. You may attach reports, dates or other files if you wish, but they are not required

Q: Does my assessment require that I submit an IRB application?
A: That depends on whether there are human subjects involved. Visit the Research Integrity and Compliance section of the Best Practices and Tools page ( for more information. You can contact the Office of Research Helpdesk if you have questions