USF Tampa Library Assessment

What is the Assessment Mini Grant Program?

The USF Libraries Assessment Mini-Grant program is designed to encourage development and implementation of effective assessment within the Libraries by providing resources to help defray the costs.

Funds from the Assessment Mini-Grants must be used for activities that are directly related to the development or implementation of assessment initiatives  within the library, subject to USF guidelines. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Focus group expenses

  • Survey expenses

  • Software applications and/or licenses

  • Support for student assistants directly involved in assessment-related activities

  • Equipment related directly to assessment activities

  • Faculty/staff travel expenses to professional conferences with an assessment track and/or to present on some aspect of the assessment program in their unit

Mini-Grants in amounts up to $1500 will be considered, with the most common amount in the $500-1000  range.

A full description of the program contained in the attached document

Assessment Mini-Grant Evaluation Rubric

Assessment Mini Grant Application Form