IDH 2010: Acquisition of Knowledge (Wilkins)

Common Research Terms


Scholarly journal article?
A scholarly journal article is a research article written to explain the research process used and the findings of the research. When a article is published in a scholarly or peer-reviewed journal it means that the article has been vetted by experts in the field and assures the reader that the article is based on sound research methodologies.

Scholarly Book?
scholarly book is written by an expert or researcher in the field and can be cited in other books and journal articles.  The publisher is a scholarly publisher such as a university or college press, 

database is an organized set of data in a computer that can be searched to locate information.

A thesaurus in a database provides the correct terminology to use for a subject or concept.  Using words from a thesaurus or Subject Terms will give you more precise search results.Scholarly or Peer-Reviewed Journal Article?

A citation represents a source used by an author when writing a book or an article.  The citation is written in a standard format so that the reader can recognize what the items, or source is, and can locate it, i.e. book, journal article, interview, image, etc.

Citation style?
citation style is the standard format the author used to describe the sources he or she used.  Several standard styles are MLA, APA style and Chicago Style which is what you will be using.  See the tab for Citing Your Sources.

A bibliography is a list of citations used by the author.  Citations listed in bibliographies can be used to locate other sources.