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Information concerning copyright (and copywrongs)

USF Tampa Library Copyright Team

The USF Tampa Library copyright team works together to find the answers to tough questions and identify opportunities for better copyright education on campus.  Feel free to contact any team member individually or send your question via our online form with the link below.


LeEtta Schmidt

Resource Sharing and Copyright Librarian

LeEtta Schmidt works with students, staff and faculty on understanding how to work with copyrighted material in projects, research and teaching, obtain permissions if needed, and identify useful resources.

Drew Smith

Assistant Librarian

Drew Smith helps faculty and students with copyright concerns in teaching and research projects, locating hard to find heirs and rights holders from whom to request permissions to use copyrighted content.

Barbara Lewis

Assistant Director of Digital Learning Initiatives

Barbara Lewis oversees the Digital Media Commons where students learn how to create multimedia projects that incorporate original and copyrighted material.

Jason Boczar

Scholarly Communications Librarian

Jason Boczar works with author rights, the scholarly communication lifecycle, and copyright pertaining to faculty authors.