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Mass Communications: Clendinen Virtual Reading Room

A guide with links to mass communications-related web sites and databases. Databases are accessible only by USF students, faculty, and staff.

Journal Holdings

The list below covers print issues of journals located in the Clendinen Reading Room in the CIS building on the USF Tampa campus.

Advertising Age: 2000-   [currently received]
Adweek: 2000-   [currently received]
American Journalism Review: 2000-   [currently received]
APME Red Book: 1948-1954, 1960, 1962, 1967-1973, 1977-1989
Broadcasting and Cable: 2000-   [currently received]
Editor and Publisher: 1976-1990, 2000-   [currently received]
Electronic Media: 2000-2003 [title changed to: Television Week]
ICG (International Cinematographers Guild): 2000-   [currently received]
Journalism & Communication Monographs: [currently received; formerly: Journalism Monographs, then: Journalism & Mass Communication Monographs]
Journalism & Mass Communication Educator: 1996-   [currently received; formerly: Journalism Educator]
Journalism & Mass Communication Monographs: 1998  
Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly: 1995-   [currently received; formerly: Journalism Quarterly]
Journalism Educator: 1963-1993  
Journalism Monographs: 1966-1994  
Journalism Quarterly: 1966-1989, 1994
The Masthead: 1998-   [currently received]
Media Ethics: 1998-   [currently received]
News Research for Better Newspapers: 1966-1970
Newspaper Research Journal: 1979-1983, 1985-2004
Presstime: 1998-2004
Proceedings of the American Society of Newspaper Editors: 1982-1990
Public Relations Quarterly: 2000-2004
Public Relations Review: 2000-   [currently received]
The Quill: 1995-   [currently received]
Report (Student Press Law Center): 1995-   [currently received]
Television Broadcast: 2000-   [currently received]
Television Week: 2003-   [currently received; formerly: Electronic Media]