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Mass Communications: Clendinen Virtual Reading Room

A guide with links to mass communications-related web sites and databases. Databases are accessible only by USF students, faculty, and staff.

Book Holdings A-M

The list below contains books located in the Clendinen Reading Room in the CIS building on the USF Tampa campus. The list is arranged by subject from A-M.

Herpel, George Lloyd. Specialty advertising: new dimensions in creative marketing. Specialty Advertising Assn., 1983. HF5827 .H47 1983
Mix, Don. Stalking big ideas in the advertising jungle. Allen/Bennington, 1986. HF5823 .M458 1986

Advertising - United States
Brock, E. Marie. An assessment of attitudes toward advertising among advertising agency practitioners in the United States. USF thesis, 1991. LD1801.F6m 1991 B763
Ewen, Stuart. Channels of desire: mass images and the shaping of American consciousness. McGraw-Hill, 1982. HF5813.U6 E95 1982
Greer, Sue. The effects of fear advertisements on parents' intent to seek psychiatric services for teenagers. USF thesis, 1990. LD1801.F6m 1990 G73

Advertising laws - United States
Advertising law anthology, v. 11. Law Book Publishers, 1988. KF1614.A73 A925 1988

African Americans and mass media
Snodgrass, J. William. Blacks and media: a selected, annotated bibliography, 1962 - 1982. University Presses of Florida, 1985. P94.5.A375 S56 1985

American Press Institute
Carter, Don E. Seminar: the story of the American Press Institute. American Press Institute, 1992. PN4841.A62 C37 1992

Arizona Republic
Zarbin, Earl A. All the time a newspaper: the first 100 years of the Arizona Republic. Arizona Republic, 1990. PN4899.P545 A758 1990

Atlantic Monthly
Desaulniers, Louise. Highlights from 125 years of The Atlantic. Atlantic Monthly, 1977. PN6014 .H5 1977

Audit Bureau of Circulation
Bennett, Charles O. Integrity in a changing world: seventy-five years of industry self-regulation through the Audit Bureau of Circulation. Audit Bureau of Circulation, 1989. PN4784.C6 B45 1989

McLuhan, Marshall. The Gutenberg galaxy: the making of typographic man. University of Toronto, 1967, c1962. Z116.M15 1967

Broadcast journalism
White, Ted. Broadcast news writing, reporting, and production. Macmillan, 1984. PN4784.B75 W5 1984

Broadcasting - Law and legislation
Bensman, Marvin R. Broadcast regulation: selected cases and decisions. University Press of America, 1985. KF2763.36 .B46 1985
Carter, T. Barton. The first amendment and the fifth estate: regulation of electronic mass media. Foundation Press, 1993. KF2805 .C37 1993
Geller, Henry. The fairness doctrine in broadcasting: problems and suggested courses of action. Rand, 1973. KF2805 .G44 1973
Ginsburg, Douglas H. Regulation of broadcasting: law and policy toward radio, television, and cable communication. West, 1979 KF2804 .G56 1979

Broadcasting - United States

Foster, Eugene S. Understanding broadcasting. Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., 1978. HE8689.8 .F67 1978
Head, Sydney W. Broadcasting in America: a survey of electronic media. Houghton-Mifflin, 1994. HE8689.8 .H43 1994
Mitchell, Curtis. Cavalcade of broadcasting. Follett, 1970. PN1991.3.U6 M53
Smythe, Ted C. Issues in broadcasting: radio, television, and cable. Mayfield, 1975. HE8689.8 .I84 1975

Cable television
Baldwin, Thomas F. Cable communication. Prentice-Hall, 1983. HE8700.7.C6 B34 1983

Campbell, James H. Dimensions in communication: readings. Wadsworth, 1965. P87 .C35 1965
DeVito, Joseph A. The interpersonal communication book. Harper & Row, 1980. BF637.C45 D48 1980
Dizard, Wilson P. The coming information age: an overview of technology, economics, and politics. Longman, 1985. P92.U5 D5 1985
McLuhan, Marshall. The medium is the massage. Bantam, 1967. P90 .M258 1967
McLuhan, Marshall. Verbi-voco-visual explorations. Something Else Press, 1967. P91 .M32 1967
Mortensen, C. David. Communication: the study of human interaction. McGraw-Hill, 1972. P90 .M67 1972
Mortensen, C. David. Communication: the study of human interaction. McGraw-Hill, 1972. P90 .M67 1972 c.2
Schramm, Wilbur L. Men, messages, and media: a look at human communication. Harper & Row, 1973. P90 .S375 1973
Severin, Werner J. Communication theories: origins, methods, uses. Hastings House, 1979. P90 .S48 1979

Communication - Bibliography
Soukup, Paul A. Christian communication: a bibliographical survey. Greenwood Press, 1989. Z5633.R45 .S66 1989

Communication - Research
Emmert, Phillip. Methods of research in communication. Houghton-Mifflin, 1970. P91 .M4 1970

Communication - Social aspects
Pye, Lucian W. Communications and political development. Princeton University Press, 1963. HM258 .C65 1963

Stauffer, Donald A. The intent of the critic. Bantam Books, 1966, c1941. PN3335 .W5 1941
Hyman, Stanley E. The armed vision: a study in the methods of modern literary criticism. Vintage Books, 1955 abridgement. PN3326 .H9 1948

Criticism - History
Wimsatt, William K. Literary criticism: a short history. Knopf, 1957. PN86 .W56 1957

Davis, Clive
Davis, Clive. Clive: inside the record business. Ballantine, 1974. ML429.D36 A3

Denver Post
Hosokowa, Bill. Thunder in the Rockies: the incredible Denver Post. Morrow, 1976. PN4899 .D46 1976

Detroit Free Press

Angelo, Frank On guard: a history of the Detroit Free Press. Detroit Free Press, 1981. PN4899.D55 .A5 1981
Petersen, Barbara K. Relentlessly interesting: the effect of the Detroit joint operating agreement on the Detroit Free Press. University of Michigan dissertation, 1991. PN4899.D55 P48 1991

Detroit News
Lutz, William W. News of Detroit: how a newspaper and a city grew together. Little, Brown, 1973. PN4899.D55 L8 1973

Johnson, Malcom B. I declare!: a collection of editorial commentaries. Tallahassee Democrat, 1983. PN4874 .J58 1983

Electronic publishing
Greenberger, Martin. Electronic publishing plus: media for a technological future. Knowledge Industry, 1985. Z286.E43 E438 1985

English language - United States
Mencken, H. L. The American language. Supplement. Knopf, 1945-48. PE2808 .M4 1948
Newman, Edwin. A civil tongue. Bobbs-Merrill, 1976. PE2831 .N48 1976
Newman, Edwin. Strictly speaking: will America be the death of English? Bobbs-Merrill, 1974. PE2808 .N48 1974

Scripps, E. W. I protest: selected disquisitions of E.W. Scripps. University of Wisconsin, 1966. PN4874 .S37
Trillin, Calvin. If you can't say something nice. Ticknor & Fields, 1987. PS3570.R54 I3 1987

Brown, Lee. Reluctant reformation: on criticizing the press in America. D. McKay, 1974. PN4888.E8 B7
Dodge, Charlie. A discussion of newspaper ethics for Associated Press managing editors. Freedom Forum, 1994. PN4888.E8 D57 1994
Jaksa, James A. Communication ethics: methods of analysis. Wadsworth, 1988. BJ1013 .J36 1988
Merrill, John C. Ethics and the press: readings in mass media morality. Hastings House, 1975. PN4756 .E83 1975
Meyer, Philip. Editors, publishers and newspaper ethics: a report to the American Society of Newspaper Editors. ASNE, 1983. PN4888 .M481 1983
Olen, Jeffrey. Ethics in journalism. Prentice-Hall, 1988. PN4756 .O44 1988

Feature writing
Rivers, William L. Free-lancer and staff writer: newspaper features and magazine articles. Wadsworth, 1992 . PN147 .R59 1992

Foreign news
Horvat, Janos. The crucial facts: misleading cues in the news of Central and Eastern Europe during Communism's collapse. Freedom Forum, 1993. HX240.7.A6 H67 1993
Joan Shorenstein Barone Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy. Turmoil at Tiananmen: a study of U.S. press coverage of the Beijing spring of 1989. Barone Center, 1992. DS779.32 J63 1992

Freedom of speech - United States
Liller, David A. The history of the conflict between the McCarran-Walter Act of 1952 and First Amendment freedoms. USF thesis, 1991. LD1801.F6m 1991 L55
Smith, Craig R. Fight for freedom of expression: three case studies. Institute for Freedom of Communication, 1985. KF4770 .S7 1985

Freedom of the press - Japan
Lutz, David Charles. An analysis of the freedom of the press in Japan. USF thesis, 1995. LD1801.F6m 1995 L88

Freedom of the press - United States
Levy, Leonard W. Freedom of the press, from Zenger to Jefferson: early American libertarian theories. Bobbs-Merrill, 1966. Z657 .L43
Nelson, Harold L. Freedom of the press, from Hamilton to the Warren Court. Bobbs-Merrill, 1967. KF4774 .N4
Sanchez Gonzalez, Santiago. The American pattern of freedom of the press: a model to follow? Barone Center, 1992. KF4774.S26 1992
Schauer, Frederick. Parsing the Pentagon Papers. Barone Center, 1991. E855.S32 1991
Schmidt, Benno C. Freedom of the press vs. public access. Praeger, 1976. KF4774 .S28
Wiggins, James Russell. On freedom of the press. University of Iowa, 1990. KF4774 .W451 1990
Wilkinson, Francis. Essential liberty: first amendment battles for a free press. Columbia University, 1992. KF4774.Z9 E87 1992
Winfield, Betty Houchin. Two commanders-in-chief: free expression's most severe tests. Barone Center, 1992. E609.W56 1992

Government and the press
Blanchard, Robert O. Congress and the news media. Hastings House, 1974. PN4738 .B5 1974
Porter, William E. Assault on the media: the Nixon years. University of Michigan, 1976. P92.U5 P6 1976

Healy, George W.
Healy, George W. A lifetime on deadline: self-portrait of a Southern journalist. Pelican, 1976. PN4874 .H42 1976

Hearst, William Randolph
Swanberg, W.A. Citizen Hearst: a biography of William Randolph Hearst. Scribner, 1961. PN4874.H4 S8

International Typographical Union
International Typographical Union. A study of the history of the International Typographical Union, 1852-1963. Executive Council, ITU, 1964. Z120.I77 A65 v.1

Barzun, Jacques. The press and the prose. Freedom Forum, 1992. PN4783.B375 1992
Brooks, Brian S. Working with words: a concise handbook for media writers and editors. St. Martin's, 1993. PN4775 .B726 1993
Brown, Karen. Best newspaper writing 1991. Poynter Institute, 1991. PN4726 .B38 1991
Bush, Chilton R. Art of news communication: a beginning textbook for classes in news writing. Appleton-Century Crofts, 1954. PN4775 .B78 1954
Clark, Roy Peter. Best newspaper writing 1984. Poynter Institute, 1984. PN4726 .B38 1984
Fry, Don. Best newspaper writing 1987. Poynter Institute, 1987. PN4726 .B38 1987
Fry, Don. Best newspaper writing 1990. Poynter Institute, 1990. PN4726 .B38 1990
Hohenberg, John. The professional journalist: a guide to modern reporting practice. Holt, Rinehart, Winston, 1962. PN4775 .H63 1962
Hohenberg, John. The professional journalist: a guide to the practices and principles of the news media. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1973. PN4775.H63 1973
Hohenberg, John. The professional journalist. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1983. PN4775 .H44 1983
Meyer, Philip. Precision journalism: a reporter's introduction to social science methods. University of Indiana, 1973. PN4775 .M48
Pollak, Richard. Stop the presses, I want to get off. Random House, 1975. PN4733 .P58 1975
Rivers, William L. Mass media: reporting, writing, and editing. Harper & Row, 1964. P90 .R5 1964
Siebert, Fredrick S. Four theories of the press. University of Illinois, 1969. PN4731 .S49 1956

Journalism - Bibliography
Price, Warren C. Annotated journalism bibliography, 1958-1968. University of Minnesota, 1970. PN4731 .P69 1970

Journalism - Directories
Journalism and mass communication directory, volume 16 (1998-1999). AEJMC, 1998. PN4788 .J6

Journalism - Objectivity
Fry, Don. Believing the news. Poynter Institute, 1985. PN4867 .B45 1985

Journalism - Social aspects
Gross, Gerald. Responsibility of the press. Fleet, 1966. PN4749 .G7
National News Council. In the public interest II: a report by the National News Council, 1975-1978. National News Council, 1979. PN4888.E8 N371 1979
National News Council. In the public interest III: a report by the National News Council, 1979 -1983. National News Council, 1984. PN4888.E8 N371 1984
Ruhl Symposium. Talking back to the media. University of Oregon, 1983. PN4749 .R85 1983

Journalism - Style manuals
Lippman, Thomas. Washington Post deskbook on style. McGraw-Hill, 1989. PN4783 .W35 1989
MacDonald, R. H. Broadcast news manual of style. Longman, 1987. PN4784.B75 M24 1987

Journalism - United States

Epstein, Edward J. Between fact and fiction: the problem of journalism. Vintage, 1975. PN4867 .E67 1975
Kirschner, Allen. Journalism: readings in the mass media. Odyssey, 1971. PN4857 .K55
Lee, James Melvin. History of American journalism. Garden City, 1923. PN4855 .L4 1923
Lyons, Louis M. Reporting the news: selections from Nieman Reports. Atheneum, 1968. PN4853 .N5 1968
Quinn, John C. The press has nothing to fear but the press itself. University of Kansas, 1987. PN4733 .Q5 1987
Shaw, David. Journalism today: a changing press for a changing America. Harper's College Press, 1977. PN4867 .S43 1977

Journalism, College
Overbeck, Wayne. Excellence in college journalism. Wadsworth, 1983. LB3621.6 .O93 1983

Journalism, Medical
Watts, Elizabeth A. Coverage of polio and AIDS: agenda setting in reporting cure research on polio and AIDS in newspapers, news magazines and network television. Ohio University Bush Research Center, 1993. PN4784.M4 W37 1993

Journalism, School
Allnut, Benjamin W. Springboard to journalism: a study guide in school newspaper practices. Columbia Scholastic Press Assn., 1960. LB3621 .S67 1960
Arnold, Edmund C. The student journalist: a handbook for staff and advisor. New York University, 1963. LB3621 .A7 1963

Biagi, Shirley. NewsTalk I: state-of-the-art conversations with today's print journalists. Wadsworth, 1987. PN4871 .B5 1987
Mirchandani, Lajwanti. Determinant factors in the choice of journalism as a career. USF thesis, 1995. LD1801.F6m 1995 M57

Journalists - England
Christiansen, Arthur. Headlines all my life. Harper & Brothers, 1962. PN5123.C4 A3 1962

Journalists - Job stress
Giles, Robert H. Editors and stress: a report to APME on stress and how it affects the lives of newspaper editors. Associated Press Managing Editors Association, 1983. PN4797.E34 1983

Journalists - United States
Day, Price. Day in the Sun: the columns of Price Day, reporter, war correspondent, editor, the Baltimore Sun. Baltimore Sun, 1993. PN4874.D38 D38 1993
Healy, George W. A lifetime on deadline: self-portrait of a Southern journalist. Pelican, 1976. PN4874 .H42 1976
MORI Research. APME journalist satisfaction study. MORI Research, 1993. PN4797.M67 1993

Knight, John S.
Whited, Charles. Knight: a publisher in the tumultuous century. Dutton, 1988. Z473.K68 W48 1988

Krock, Arthur
Krock, Arthur. Memoirs: sixty years on the firing line. Funk & Wagnalls, 1947. E743 .K7

Language and languages
Miller, George A. Language and communication. McGraw-Hill, 1951. BF455 .M54 1951

Libel and slander - United States
Sanford, Bruce W. Libel and privacy. Prentice Hall, 1991. KF1266 .S23 1991

Burke, Kenneth. The philosophy of literary form. Vintage Books, 1957. PN511 .B87 1957

Literature - Dictionaries
Brewer, Ebenezer. Brewer's dictionary of phrase and fable. Harper & Row, 1970. PN43 .B73 1970

Mass media
Agee, Warren K. Introduction to mass communications. Harper & Row, 1985. P90 .A35 1985
Bagdikian, Ben H. The information machines: their impact on men and the media. Harper & Row, 1971. P92.U5 .B3
Bittner, John R. Mass communication: an introduction. Prentice-Hall, 1980. P90 .B515 1980
Bittner, John R. Mass communication: an introduction. Prentice-Hall, 1983. P90 .B515 1983
Cassata, Mary B. Mass communication: principles and practices. Macmillan, 1979. HM258 .C397 1979
Deer, Irving. Languages of the mass media: readings in analysis. D.C. Heath, 1965. P92 .L3 1965
DeFleur, Melvin L. Theories of mass communication. D. McKay Co., 1966. P92.U5 .D4 1966
DeFleur, Melvin L. Theories of mass communication. McKay, 1975. HM258 .D35 1975
Emery, Edwin. Introduction to mass communications. Dodd, Mead, 1960. P90 .E43 1960
Fedler, Fred. Introduction to the mass media. Harcourt Brace, 1978. P90.M3 F42 1978
Fedler, Fred. Introduction to the mass media. Harcourt Brace, 1978. P90.M3 F42 1978 c.2
Gumpert, Gary. Inter/media: interpersonal communication in a media world. Oxford University, 1979. P90 .I57 1979
Hiebert, Ray E. Mass media: an introduction to modern communication. Mckay, 1974. P90 .H53
Littell, Joseph. Coping with the mass media. Canfield, 1976. P90 .C6 1976
Lowenstein, Ralph L. Macromedia: mission, message, and morality. Longman, 1990. P90 .L69 1990
Ohlgren, Thomas H. The new languages: a rhetorical approach to the mass media and popular culture. Prentice-Hall, 1977. P91 .N38 1977
Schramm, Wilbur L. Mass communications: a book of readings. University of Illinois, 1960. P90 .S3 1960
Shoemaker, Pamela J. Mediating the message: theories of influences on mass media content. Longman, 1996. P91 .S46 1996
Steinberg, Charles S. Mass media and communication. Hastings House, 1966. P90 .S8 1966
Steinberg, Charles S. Mass media and communication. Hastings House, 1966. P90 .S8 1966 c.2
Tan, Alexis S. Mass communication theories and research. Wiley, 1985. P90 .T347 1985

Mass media and business
Holden, Rosemary. Assessing business/media attitudes: Florida's phosphate industry and Florida newspapers. USF thesis, 1983. LD1801.F6m 1983 H64

Mass media and race relations
Smith, Erna. Transmitting race: the Los Angeles riot in television news. Barone Center, 1994. P94.5.M55 S65 1994

Mass media and the environment
Hazarika, Sanjoy. From Bhopal to Superfund: the news media and the environment. Barone Center, 1994. PN4888.E65 H39 1994

Mass media - Authorship
Hutchison, Earl R. Writing for mass communication. Longman, 1986. P96.A86 H88 1986
Stovall, James Glen. Writing for the mass media. Prentice-Hall, 1990. P96.A86 S8 1990

Mass media - Economic aspects
Compaine, Benjamin M. Who owns the media?: concentration of ownership in the mass communications industry. Knowledge Industry, 1979. P96.E25 W5
Just, Marion R. An economic theory of learning from news. Barone Center, 1992. P96.E25 J87 1992

Mass media - Law and legislation
Gillmor, Donald M. Mass communication law: cases and comment. West, 1969. KF2750.A7 G5
Pember, Don R. Mass media law. W.C. Brown, 1977. KF2750 .P4
Pool, Ithiel de Sola. Technologies of freedom. Belknap, 1983. KF2750 .P66 1983

Mass media - Moral and ethical aspects
Phelan, John M. Disenchantment: meaning and morality in the media. Hastings House, 1980. P94 .P48 1980
Society of Professional Journalists Waco Task Force. Waco: what went right, what went wrong. Society of Professional Journalists, 1993. BP605.B72 S63 1993

Mass media - Political aspects
Kraus, Sidney. Effects of mass communication on political behavior. Pennsylvania State University, 1976. JA76 .K72 1976

Mass media - Psychological aspects
Theall, Donald F. The medium is the rear view mirror: understanding McLuhan. McGill-Queen's, 1971. P92.5.M3 T43 1971

Mass media - Research
Davison, W. Phillips. Mass communication research: major issues and future directions. Praeger, 1974. P91 .D37 1974
Lowery, Shearon. Milestones in mass communication research: media effects. Longman, 1988. HM258 .L68 1988
Pasanella, Ann K. The mind traveller: a guide to Paul F. Lazarsfeld's communication research papers. Freedom Forum, 1994. H59.L39 P37 1994
Stempel, Guido H. Research methods in mass communication. Prentice Hall, 1989. P91 .R43 1989
Ward, Jean. Search strategies in mass communication. Longman, 1987. P91 .W29 1987

Mass media - Social aspects
Biagi, Shirley. Media/reader: perspectives on mass media industries, effects, and issues. Wadsworth Pub. Co., 1989. HM258 .M42 1989
Chaffee, Steven H. Using the mass media: communication problems in American society. McGraw-Hill, 1975. HN90.M3 .C492 1975
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Dennis, Everette E. Media society: evidence about mass communications in America. W. C. Brown, 1978. HN90.M3 D46 1978 c.2
First Fellows Symposium on the Future of Media and Media Studies. Media at the millennium. Freedom Forum, 1992. HM258.M37 1992
Merrill, John C. Media, messages, and men: new perspectives in communication. D. McKay Co., 1971. P90 .M45 1971
Mitroff, Ian I. Unreality industry: the deliberate manufacturing of falsehood and what it is doing to our lives. Carol, 1989. HN90.M3 M58 1989
Rivers, William L. Mass media and modern society. Rinehart, 1971. HM258 .R58 1971
Schramm, Wilbur L. Responsibility in mass communication. Harper & Row, 1969. HM258 .R58 1969
Tunstall, Jeremy. Media sociology, a reader. University of Illinois, 1970. HM258 .T84 1970b
Whitney, Frederick C. Mass media and mass communications in society. W. C. Brown, 1975. HN90.M3 W5 1975
Wright, Charles Robert. Mass communication: a sociological perspective. Random House, 1959. HM258 .W74
Yuenger, Paul D. The receiver's responsibility in the media: Schramm and Catholic perspectives. USF thesis, 1991. LD1801.F6m 1991 Y83

Mass media - United States
Agee, Warren K. Mass media in a free society: William Allen White Centennial Seminar, 1968. University of Kansas, 1969. P92 .M2 1968
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Minneapolis Tribune
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Motion picture audiences
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Motion pictures
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