Distance Learners

A guide for students enrolled in online or off-campus courses at USF

Finding Databases

What is a database? The USF Libraries subscribes to thousands of academic journals. Most are electronic. Databases gather those electronic journals together, usually by subject, and allow a user to search for articles on specific topics or by particular authors. Some databases are general while others are subject specific. The USF databases are categorized by subject, but many of the databases cover more than one subject area.

Finding a specific database by title:

Has your professor suggested a database for your research? Something like Academic Search Premier or JStor? 

You will need to go to the USF Library Homepage. The link is provided above. Make sure you are logged in!

Go to the USF Library Homepage then click on Databases by Subject and Title. Once you are on that page, click on the "TITLE" link and then type in the title of the database that has been suggested and click on the green GO button on the far right  side.

Finding a database by subject:

If your professor has not suggested a particular title, then you will want to investigate the databases by subject.  Once again, you will go to the USF Library Homepage then click on Databases by Subject and Title. Once you are on this page, click on the words  "BY SUBJECT and the subject guide page will appear:


There are numerous subjects to choose from; your choice should depend upon the subject area that you are researching. Remember that you are not searching for articles yet, but only for a particular database of articles, so do not put article titles into the search - just the subject you are interested in. Each subject will then give you choices. This example highlights Biology, but there are numerous subjects to choose from in the list.




If you are having trouble locating the database you need or have found it but aren't sure how to use it, please Ask a Librarian!