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Women's and Gender Studies

Reference Materials

Materials marked "REF. Annex"   are located in the basement of the library

Materials marked "REF"  are located on the first floor in the Reference area




The Women's Rights Movement in the United States REF. Annex HQ 1426.K75 1972

Women in American History: A Bibliography REF. Annex  HQ 1410.H38

Women in Spanish America: An Annotated Bibliography REF.  Annex HQ 1610.5.K52

Women: A Bibliography of Bibliographies REF.  Annex  HQ 1121.B34 1986



Encyclopedia of Feminism: REF. Annex HQ 1115.T87 1986

Encyclopedia of Feminist Literary Theory: REF. PN 98.W64E53

Encyclopedia of Women's Associations Worldwide: REF. HQ 1883.E53 1993

Handbook of International Data on Women: REF.  Annex HQ 1115.H36

Statistical Handbook of Women in America: REF. Annex HQ 1420.T34 1996

Women's Book of World Records and Achievements: REF. CT 3234.W65

Women's Desk Reference: REF. Annex HQ 1236.5U6 F73 1993

Women's Movements of the World: REF.  Annex HQ 1883.W63 1988

Women's Studies Encyclopedia: REF.  Annex HQ 1115.W645 1999



A Woman of the Century: REF. E 176.W691 1967

A-Z of Women in History: REF. CT 3202.K84 2002

Black Women in America: REF. E 185.86.B542 2005

Index to Women of the World From Ancient to Modern Times Supplement: REF.  Annex HQ 1123.I73 1970

Index to Women of the World From Ancient to Modern Times: REF.  Annex HQ 1123.I73 1970

International Who's Who of Women: REF. CT 3202.I58

Liberty's Women: REF. HQ 1412.L52

Notable American Women, the Modern Period: REF. CT 3260.N573

Notable American Women: 1607-1950: REF. CT 3260.N57

Notable Black American Women: REF. E 185.96.N68 1992

Palgrave MacMillan Dictionary of Women’s Biography REF. CT 3202.P26 2005

Who's Who of American Women: REF. CT 3266.W5

Women in Particular: An Index to American Women: REF. Annex  HQ 1412.H47 1984