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LGBT & Feminist History

Mission Statement

Special Collections seeks to preserve the historical records of women, gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, and transsexual and transgendered persons as related to gender and sexuality issues in Tampa Bay, FL and adjacent areas.  As part of the initiative to collect, maintain and make available for research the diversity of materials documenting both feminist history and the history of the LGBT community, Special Collections has acquired archival, monographic and audio-visual resources that support those engaged in the discourse, research, study and teaching of feminism, LGBT studies and related disciplines.

With the support of USF Professors Sara Crawley (Sociology) and David K. Johnson (History) and other members of the USF community, Special Collections has established a rapidly growing collection around which public programming, oral history interviews and graduate student research have been conducted.  By preserving, chronicling and facilitating access to these and related collections, Special Collections ensures the future of both feminist and LGBT scholarship at USF and abroad.

The USF Libraries recognize the imperativeness of collecting and making available both primary and secondary resources to support the advancement of research.  As efforts to maintain and promote historically significant materials detailing feminist and LGBT experiences increase, Special Collections’ impact on a range of academic disciples and the greater society also increases and provides a continuous impetus for identifying, acquiring and saving the endangered records of these communities.