SOW 3303/SOW 3210: Social Work

This Guide provides a brief introduction to finding books and articles in Social Work

Locating Articles

Finding the Full Article

Some of the databases listed in this guide will provide a link to the full text of the article.  If, however,  the full article is available online through another source you can find it by clicking on one of the following links:



If there is no electronic copy of the article, both  and  will also give a link to the USF Libraries catalog.  Journals available in print will be listed there with the call number.

Social Work Databases

There are several databases which will help you find articles on a topic in Social Work.  In a database you can put in terms like "homeless" or "poverty" and retrieve a list of citations which match your terms.  The citations are usually to journal articles.  The USF Libraries will own many of these articles either electronically or in print.

One of the best databases for Social Work is.....

Other Databases

The following databases are also very helpful for finding journal articles in Social Work.  You can type the name of the database into the search box under Databases by Title.  You can also search for Databases by Subject.  Select Social Work.  Stay on Key Resources and click GO.

Selecting a Database and Searching in a Database

Click the link above to access Social Work Abstracts Plus.
This is the opening screen for Social Work Abstracts Plus. We are looking for Evidence Based Practice and substance abuse. Type the search in the search boxes. The search for the topic retrieved 15 articles. Some have PDF full text available.  Click the PDF link and the article will appear..  Otherwise click Find it at USF for the article you want.