ARH 4430: 19th Century Art

Use this guide as a basis for beginning your research for Dr. Fraser's 19th Century Art class.

Important Information About Library Research

1) What is a journal article?

A journal article is a scholarly essay written by a specialist and published in a professional periodical (or journal). 
It is NOT a book or exhibition review. 
You cannot find journal articles in the library catalogue: you MUST use the databases below.

2) How do I find references (journal articles, books) using library databases, especially Bibliography of the History of Art (BHA) and International Bibliography of Art (IBA)?

View the videos on searching library databases under Guides > Tutorials on the library web page.

Ask Professor Fraser or your TA if you need help.

Note!  These databases will give you references to materials only.  (They do not supply links with pdf’s.)  After finding a reference, you must then locate the book or article yourself.

3) How do I get journal articles once I have found a reference in a database?

a)   e-journals available at the USF Library can be found through USF Libraries Catalog

b)   print journals are located in basement of library

      c)   journals and books not owned by USF: use InterLibrary Loan (ILL)   

4) How do I use the reserve system to locate books put on reserve for the research paper?

You must request the book at the Library Services Desk by giving the title of the book.

5) What is a footnote/endnote?  What is its function?  What is Chicago style?

Footnotes and endnotes give full information about the source of information and ideas you use in your paper.  Barnet’s Short Guide to Writing about Art explains notes in the “Manuscript Form” chapter.

Here is a short guide to Chicago style formats for footnotes/endnotes.