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The Holocaust

Raphael Lemkin's Papers

Lemkins's Collection

Raphael Lemkin coined the word Genocide and this is a comprehensive collection of his correspondence, unpublished essays, research notes among a host of other primary sources.

The Holocaust

Yad Vashem

Has a comprehensive collection of primary resources on the Holocaust.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Has rich information on the Holocaust and also on other genocides.

Holocaust Trials


Oral Histories

Prisoners in Nazi Germany

Holocaust Denial & Misrepresentation

Experiment by Medical Doctors and Scientists

Survivors of the Twins Experiments

Provides information about Dr Mengele's research project on twins. One of the survivors of the project  tells her story.

Other Experiments

Apart from doing experiments with twins, more than 23 Nazi medical doctors and scientists also used Jews, Gypsies and groups of people they did not want by making them experimental subjects. The experiments dealt with efficacy of medical drugs, Sterilization, pain, Poisons, malaria, high altitude, Sea water experiments among a host of other experiments

Concentration Camps

Camps by the Nazi

Provides a comprehensive list of concentration camps by country in Europe.

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