MHS 4490: Behavioral Healthcare Issues for Children

This course is taught by Stephen Roggenbaum in CBCS/Child and Family Studies.

Searching for Content on Children's Mental Health

When searching for materials about children's mental health, some good search strategies include searching general subject headings, such as Child health services or child welfare, as well as the very specialized topics such as emotional behavior disorder, systems of care, juvenile justice system and individualized education programs (IEP). Other search strategies include searching for specific disorders and then ANDing the search with the terms mentioned above.

In addition to topical search strategies, it might be worth spending some time to see how better to use the USF Libraries' resources and research tools.  These links will lead you to the FMHI Research Library homepage where you can click on the Instructional Videos tab at the left to see the learning units available online.

  1. Need to get your hands on an article? There are tools to help you!  Use the Citation Linker below.
  2. Need to write a paper? Learn how to refine your topic with the video, "Organizing Your Research Paper: Refining Your Topic."
  3. Curious about the IRB process? Use the Libraries' step-by-step guide. 

For more information on how to find materials for research papers or how to use these and other tools, please contact us at the FMHI Research Library.