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This guide will teach you the basics of using EndNote bibliographic software.

What is EndNote?

Bibliographic software (like EndNote or RefWorks) is a useful tool that will help you keep track of citations and bibliographies. EndNote is commonly used in the sciences because it has several built-in science databases. There are three ways to use EndNote:

  • Use EndNote entirely online. EndNote Web is free!
  • Use either the Mac or PC desktop version, which each cost $10.00 from the USF Computer Store.
    • Once on the above page for the USF Computer Store, choose the link for "Online Catalog" on the left side of the page.  You will then "Click Here to Start Shopping", but you will need to set up an account first.
    • This account must be requested via the online system provided by the Computer Store (and this may take a few days to process).  You must have this login before you can buy the digital download
    • You may call them at 813-974-1779, or contact them via email at, to inquire about purchasing a physical copy of EndNote, or with any questions about your online account.  Both the physical and online versions are the same price ($10.00)
  • Use a combination of online and desktop EndNote. 

EndNote has three main functions - you can use all three or just one or two.

  1. Search tool - search databases for articles (or the catalog for books) using authors, keywords, titles, etc.
  2. Reference database - this will help you keep track of your sources, especially if you have a lot of PDFs floating around. They can be linked to their EndNote records so they're easier to find.
  3. Bibliography maker - EndNote takes all the info from the databases and packages them as citations for you. You can change the format to MLA, APA, and many others.

EndNote has the following search functions built in:

  • PubMed
  • Web of Science
  • To view the full list in EndNote, go to Tools -> Online Search

Video Tutorials

EndNote has created an entire YouTube channel full of tutorial videos. If there is something specific you need help with, it is a great resource.

Click here to be taken to the EndNote Youtube channel.

USF EndNote Tutorial 2014