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University of South Florida Faculty Senate


The Faculty Senate has the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Sergeant-at-Arms, elected by the members of the body from among the elected senators. The Parliamentarian is chosen by the President of the Faculty Senate from among the Senate membership.

President: James Garey (Arts & Sciences)
ISA2015, Ext. 4-8434; E-mail:

Past President: Philip Levy (Arts and Sciences)
SOC107, Ext. 4-7642; E-mail:

Vice President: Timothy Boaz (Behavioral & Community Sciences)
MHC2736, Ext. 4-1933; E-mail:

Secretary: Matthew Knight (Libraries)
LIB122, Ext. 4-6266; E-mail:

Sergeant-at-Arms: Philip van Beynen (Arts and Sciences)
NES107, Ext. 4-3026; E-mail:

Parliamentarian: Andrew Smith (Libraries)
LIB122, Ext. 4-3492; E-mail:

Member-at-Large: Richard Manning (Arts and Sciences)
FAO226, Ext. 4-2447; E-mail: