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This guide will give you information about the USF Herbarium located on campus as well as the Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants, an online database.

About the Atlas

The Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants is a searchable database that contains information about the specimens at four Florida Herbaria as well as others around the country. You can also search just the collection at the USF Herbarium.

Searches can be filtered by common name, scientific name, location, name of collector, and specimen number. There are many high resolution images of the plants online, such as the Ageratina jucunda below.

About the Herbarium

The USF Herbarium is a library of preserved plant specimens and botany-specific research texts. The focus of the Herbarium is on Floridian plant species, but they also have vascular plant specimens from around the world.

The USF Herbarium, with more than 250,000 specimens, is the second largest collection in Florida, the seventh largest in the southeastern United States, and ranks in the upper third of the world's herbaria in size.

The Herbarium has existed almost as long as the university itself. It was founded in 1958 as a research and teaching collection. The Herbarium still processes new specimens daily. Many items in their collection have been photographed for inclusion in the Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants, the Herbarium's online search interface for their vast database.

The Herbarium contains:

  • Over 10,000 books
  • Over 233,000 vascular plant specimens
  • Over 17,000 algae
  • Over 2,000 bryophytes and lichens
  • Over 350 vascular plant type specimens (To learn more about types, click here.)


The USF Herbarium is located in rooms 170-179 of the Life Sciences Building (LIF), on the Tampa Campus of the University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida.

The Herbarium is normally open Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, except for holidays and subject to staff availability. To avoid any inconvenience, please contact the Herbarium staff prior to your visit.