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IDH 3100: Theatre as a Catalyst for Social Change (Fall 2015)

Throughout history, there have been plays that have spoken to significant social, political, and economic issues which have so affected the consciousness of the public that they have served as a catalyst for change.

Identify and locate plays that impacted social change

Focusing on the 20th Century, identify and read plays, production reviews, and newspaper articles related to the social issues presented in the plays.  Examples include:

  • Antigone – Viewed as both a vindication of Nazi occupation of France and a call to arms for the French Resistance.
  • Sizwe Bansi is Dead – Raised world consciousness leading to the end of South African Apartheid.
  • Laramie Project – Profoundly impacted the consciousness of America dealing with hate crimes toward the LGBT community.


Identify other plays that have been catalysts to social change.
Discover how to look up:

  • Plays
  • Production reviews
  • Newspaper articles
  • Social context of the time