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Kanopy Streaming Video

Access to Kanopy content is limited to licensed videos only.  Requests for new content accepted from faculty for course use.  All videos are licensed individually for one year.  Faculty requests for access to unlicensed or expired videos can be made through a Kanopy request form (see screenshot example below) at the video’s location on the Kanopy platform (  Requests or inquiries for new or continued access to Kanopy videos can also be made through Course Reserves ( in Canvas.  Request early to allow license processing in time for course use.  PLEASE LIMIT REQUESTS TO 5 VIDEOS PER COURSE. 

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Below is a list of the currently licensed streaming video content on Kanopy with annual expiration dates indicated. 

Kanopy titles 


2 Million Minutes (Expires 8/9/2020)

5 Broken Cameras  (Expires 12/12/2020)

15 to Life:  Kenneth's Story  (Expires 2/18/2021)

400 Blows, The  (Expires 3/13/2021)

American Denial  (Expires 2/21/21)

American Tongues  (Expires 4/10/2020)

Anita - Speaking Truth to Power  (Expires 1/4/2021)

Antigone  (Expires 10/10/2020)

Art & Copy  (Expires 1/31/2021)

Assessment & Psychological Treatment of Bipolar Disorder  (Expires 10/24/2020)

Au Revoir Les Enfants  (Expires 1/08/2021)

Awakening  (Expires 8/29/2020)

Back to the Basics  (Expires 9/06/2020)

Bad Hair  (Expires 11/22/2020)

Bad Sugar  (Expires 8/09/2020)

Ballot Measure 9  (Expires 9/06/2020)

Bananas!* - The Global Politics of Food  (Expires 10/08/2020)

Barbara (Expires 1/06/2021)

Barbie Nation  (License expires 1/08/2021)

Battle of Algiers (The)  (Expires 9/06/2020)

Becoming American  (Expires 6/07/2020)

Becoming More Visible  (Expires 11/07/2020)

Behavioral Couples Therapy  (Expires 7/03/2020)

Behavioral Experiments  (Expires 6/06/2020)

Bhutto  (Expires 4/17/2020)

Bicycle Thieves  (Expires 11/22/2020)

Big Bucks, Big Pharma  (Expires on 10/24/2020)

Birthright  (Expires 4/17/2020)

Birthright:  a War Story  (Expires 7/22/2020)

Black Atlantic, The, 1500-1800  (Expires 8/29/2020)

Black Gold  (Expires 10/10/2020)

Black is...Black Ain't - an Exploration of Black Identity   (Expires 4/17/2020)

Blueberry Soup  (Expires 4/17/2020)

Body & Soul:  Diana & Kathy  (Expires 5/14/2020)

Born in Flames  (Expires on 11/18/2020)

Bowenian Family Therapy  (Expires 10/07/2020)

Boy Game, The  (Expires 10/16/2020)

Brand New You  (Expires 9/20/2020)

Breathless  (Expires 1/21/2021)

Bridge to Freedom - 1965   (Expires 11/07/2020)

Bring It to the Table  (Expires 3/05/2021)

Buried Above Ground (Expires 7/18/2020)

Bystander Moment, The  (Expires 3/13/2021)

Cacao, El  (Expires 8/07/2020)

Carnival in the High Middle Ages  (Expires 9/09/2020)

Carrie Mae Weems  (Expires 3/24/2021)

Changing the World  (Expires 8/29/2020)

Cimarron Spirit  (Expires 4/17/2020)

City Lights  (Expires 2/05/2021)

Class Divide, The  (Expires 1/15/2021)

Cleo From 5 to 7  (Expires 1/10/2021)

Cloud Computing  (Expires  12/03/2020)

Codes of Gender, The  (Expires 12/12/2020)

Cognitive Behavioral Foundations  (Expires 11/22/2020)

Constructing the Terrorist Threat  (Expires 7/18/2020)

Consuming Kids  (Expires 9/20/2020)

Cosopolis  (Expires 3/27/2021)

Crazywise  (Expires 5/08/2020)

Creative Brain, The   (Expires 9/5/2020)

Cuba - The Next Revolution  (Expires 12/17/2020)

Customer-Focused Pricing  (Expires 7/31/2020)

Cyberwar Threat  (Expires 12/13/2020)

Dangerous Living  (Expires 6/24/2020)

Daughter from Danang  (Expires 9/20/2020)

Death and Syncretism in China  (Expires 10/28/2020)

Death in St. Augustine, A  (Expires 10/22/2020)

Decoding Neanderthals  (Expires 5/8/2020)

Depression: a Cognitive Therapy Approach  (Expires 2/11/2021)

Design is One  (Expires 9/11/2020)

Devil's Miner, The  (Expires 3/05/2021)

Dialectical behavior therapy  (Expires 3/05/2021)

Diatoms  (Expires 11/18/2020)

Digital Disconnect  (Expires 8/01/2020)

Dining in Republican and Imperial Rome  (Expires 9/09/2020)

Divine Order, The  (Expires 11/18/2020)

Domestic Violence and Law Enforcement  (Expires 5/08/2020)

Donald Meichenbaum on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy  (Expires 5/28/2020)

Downward Arrow Techniques (Expires 6/06/2020)

Dreamworlds 3  (Expires 11/01/2020)

DSM 5 Guided Collection, Vol. 7 (Personality Disorder 2)  (Expires 7/03/2020)

Eating Alaska  (Expires 03/11/2021)

Eames:  The Architect and the Painter   (Expires 9/11/2020)

Early Christianity - Food Rituals and Asceticism  (Expires 9/09/2020)

Economics of Happiness, The   (Expires 8/30/2020)

Edward Said On Orientalism  (Expires 1/08/2021)

Empathy Gap, The  (Expires 2/25/2021)

End of Time, The  (Expires 5/14/2020)

Enduring Self, The  (Expires 1/28/2021)

Epidemic, The - Addiction and Deindustrialization  (Expires 1/15/2021)

Eraserhead  (Expires 1/08/2021)

Europe's Dark Ages and Charlemagne  (Expires 9/09/2020)

Exposure Therapy for Phobias  (Expires 6/13/2020)

Family Matters:  Family  (Expires 1/14/2021)

Fear of 13, The  (Expires 12/12/2020)

Feminism Inshallah  (Expires 12/05/2020)

First Peoples - Africa  (Expires 10/07/2020)

First Peoples - Americas  (Expires 10/07/2020)

First Peoples - Asia  (Expires 10/07/2020)

First Peoples - Australia  (Expires 10/07/2020)

First Peoples - Europe  (Expires 10/07/2020)

Fixed  (Expires 11/18/2020)

Food Beware  (Expires 7/22/2020)

Food Stamped  (Expires 8/16/2020)

Freedom Machines  (Expires 10/21/2020)

From Cave to Cosmos  (Expires 4/18/2020)

Generation Like  (Expires 2/10/2021)

Generation M  (Expires 5/28/2020)

Girl Trouble  (Expires 1/23/2021)

Good Day to Die, A  (Expires 7/16/2020)

Greek Tragedy and the Sophists  (Expires 9/06/2020)

Growing Up Female  (Expires 9/17/2020)

GTFO    (Expires 9/20/2020)

Guyland  (Expires 5/28/2020) 

Hadza, The  (Expires 8/19/2020)

Haine, La  (Expires 1/10/2021)

Haiti & Dominican Republic - An Island Divided  (Expires 12/17/2020)

Harvest, The  (Hosting license expires 10/24/2024)

He Said, She Said  (Expires 1/23/2021)

Herskovits at the Heart of Blackness  (Expires 1/09/2021)

Himalayan Herders  (Expires 4/9/2020)

Hip Hop - Beyond Beats and Rhymes  (Expires 10/24/2020)

Holding Ground  (Expires 8/29/2020)

How to Segment a Market  (Expires 1/13/2021)

Hunt for the Wilderpeople  (Expires 1/14/2021)

I am a Man - Black Masculinity in America  (Expires 4/17/2020)

I am Not Your Negro - James Baldwin and Race in America  (Expires 11/01/2020)

ICD 9 Guided Collection, Vol. 6 (Personality Disorders 1)  (Expires 7/03/2020)

Ida  (Expires 1/14/2021)

In Defense of Food  (Expires 1/06/2021)

In Organic We Trust  (Expires on 1/06/2021)

In Sickness and in Wealth  (Expires 2/05/2021)

In the Executioner's Shadow  (3 year hosting fee expires 10/05/2021)

In Whose Honor?  (Expires 9/11/2020)

Incredible Scope of Cyberspace, The (Expires 10/08/2020)

Integrating Mindfulness into Counseling and Psychotherapy (Expires 7/08/2020)

Intersexion  (Expires 7/23/2020)

It's Elementary - Talking About Gay Issues in School   (Expires 10/07/2020)

Ivan's Childhood   (Expires 5/17/2020)

Just Gender  (Expires 11/20/2020)

July '64 - Unrest in Rochester New York  (Expires 7/18/2020)

Just Eat It  (Expires 7/08/2020)

Ken Burns:  The Central Park Five (Expires 4/11/2020)

Language You Cry In, The  (Expires 11/08/2020)

Latinos Beyond Reel  (Expires 03/06/2021)

Leadership: What's Trust Got to Do With It?  2nd Ed.  (Expires 10/07/2020)

Leading counseling groups with adults   (Expires 3/27/2021)

Les Cousins  (Expires 1/08/2021)

Legacy of Unresolved Loss, The  (Expires 9/11/2020)

Life and Debt  (Hosting license expires 2/21/2021)

Living on One Dollar  (Expires 1/23/2021)

Long Night's Journey into Day  (Expires 2/18/2020)

Long Way from Home, The - The Untold Story of Baseball's Desegregation  (Expires 5/14/2020)

Lost Pueblo Village, The  (Expires 1/31/2021)

Macaques (Expires 9/06/2020)

Making Dances  (Expires 6/13/2020)

Making of Raja Edepus, The  (Expires 9/11/2020)

Manga Mad  (Expires 11/22/2020)

Manufactured Landscapes  (Expires 3/05/2021)

Marina Abramović  (Expires 03/05/2021)

Marketing Communications That Work  (Expires 3/02/2021)

Marriage of Maria Braun, The  (Expires 1/06/2021)

Mary Ainsworth   (Expires 5/28/2020)

Mask You Live In, The (Expires 7/31/2020)

Master Qi and the Monkey King (Expires 6/24/2020)

Menashe  (Expires 5/14/2020)

Meth Storm  (Expires 4/18/2020)

Metropolis  (Expires 2/07/2021)

Miami Manhunt  (Expires 11/07/2020)

Midwife's Tale, A  (Expires 1/14/2021)

Militainment, Inc  (Expires 7/18/2020)

Milk   (Expires 11/22/2020)

Mimi and Dona  (Expires 11/13/2020)

Misfits  (Expires 11/01/2020)

Miss Representation  (Expires 3/02/2021)

Mixed Anxiety and Depression  (Expires 5/28/2020)

A More Perfect Union - 1968-2013  (Expires 8/29/2020)

More than a Word:  Native American-Based Sports Mascots  (Expires 5/08/2020)

Motivational Interviewing  (Expires 12/12/2020)

My Future, My Plan  (Expires 12/03/2020)

My Night at Maud's  (Expires 10/07/2020)

Mystery Train (Expires 4/17/2020)

Narrative Family Therapy  (Expires 10/07/2020)

Native Planet Program 1  (Expires 10/07/2020)

New World Monkeys (Expires 9/06/2020)

No Dumb Questions  (Expires 03/09/2021)

Not Just a Paycheck  (Expires 6/05/2020)

Object Relations Therapy - with Jill Savage Scharff  (Expires 5/22/2020)

Objectified   (Expires 9/11/2020)

Oldboy (Expires 7/31/2020)

Out in the Night  (Expires 3/13/2021)

Origins of Agriculture (Expires 7/08/2020)

Orphan Trains, The  (Expires 7/16/2020)

Osun-Osogobo (Expires 7/19/2020)

Out Late (Expires 6/24/2020)

Paisan   (Expires 4/17/2020)

Peggy Ahwesh 2007:  an Interview   (Expires 5/14/2020)

People Like Us  (Expires 1/10/2021)

Peter Voulkos Working  (Expires 3/24/2021)

Pidgin:  The Voice of Hawaii  (Expires 3/26/2020)

Place Matters (Expires 6/07/2020)

Poisoner's Handbook, The  (Expires 11/01/2020)

Positioning Your Offering  (Expires 2/04/2020)

Precious Knowledge  (Expires 10/02/2020)

Pre-Crime   (Expires 11/07/2020)

Problem Solving Techniques in CBT, Vol. 1  (Expires 11/07/2020)

Problem Solving Techniques in CBT, Vol. 2  (Expires 11/07/2020)

Purity Myth   (Expires 4/18/2020)

Queen Margot  (Expires 2/10/2021)

Queen Nanny  (Expires 2/26/2021)

Race - The Power of Illusion  (Expires 2/07/2021)

Raja Edepus (Expires 6/24/2020)

Re-Enchantment - The Hidden Meanings of Fairy Tales  (Expires 8/09/2020)

Reel Bad Arabs  (Expires 2/06/2021)

Remembering the Man:  a True Story of Love and Loss  (Expires 9/06/2020)

Renaissance in the Kitchen, A  (Expires 9/09/2020)

Resolve - Episode 5 of Being Serena Series (Expires 4/09/2020)

Rest I Make Up, The  (Expires 8/19/2020)

Revisionaries, The  (Expires 1/21/2021)

Rhymes for Young Ghouls  (Expires 9/25/2020)

Rich Media, Poor Democracy  (Expires 2/11/2021)

Richard Lavoie  (Expires 11/25/2020)

Rights and Wrongs - The Story of Women in Islam  (Expires 7/18/2020)

Rules of the Game, The  (Expires 1/10/2021)

Rise of the Superbugs  (Expires 1/31/2021)

Salt Mines, The  (Expires 7/17/2020)

Second Day, The  (Expires 9/11/2020)

Secrets of Stonehenge  (Expires 5/08/2020)

Seven Samurai  (Expires 12/20/2020)

Seventh Seal, The  (Expires 9/11/2020)

Sex(Ed);  the Movie  (Expires 8/02/2020)

Shake the Dust  (Expires 1/31/2021)

She's Beautiful When She's Angry  (Expires 8/19/2020)

Silicon Run Deposition  (Expires 10/08/2020)

Silent Child, The  (Expires 2/18/2021)

Silicon Run Etch  (Expires 10/08/2020)

Silicon Run II  (Expires 10/08/2020)

Silicon Run Implantation  (Expires 10/08/2020)

Silicon Run Lite  (Expires 10/08/2020)

Silicon Run Lithography  (Expires 10/08/2020)

Slavery  (Expires 8/26/2020)

Slaying the Dragon  (Expires 1/23/2021)

Snow Monkeys  (Expires 9/04/2020)

Social Media for Business  (Expires 9/11/2020)

Solution-Focused Therapy - with Insoo Kim Berg   (Expires 5/28/2020)

Something in the Water  (Expires 1/15/2021)

Speaking in Tongues  (Expires 10/21/2020)

Starfish Thrower, The  (Expires 1/08/2021)

Starving the Beast  (Expires 1/28/2021)

State of Eugenics, The  (Expires 8/29/2020)

Still Killing Us Softly  (Expires 2/10/2021)

Straightlaced - How Gender's Got Us All Tied Up  (Expires 5/09/2020)

Strategic Couples Therapy with James Coyne  (Expires 4/18/2020)

Stroke in Later Years (Expires 4/18/2020)

Stroke Patient:  Shaping Clinical Outcomes  (Expires  4/18/2020)

Stroke Awareness & Recovery Series (Expires 4/18/2020)

Tactics of Successful Branding, The  (Expires 10/08/2020)

Therapeutic Relationship, Individualized Treatment and Other Keys to Successful Psychotherapy, The  (Expires 5/17/2020) 

They Call Me Muslim  (Expires 8/28/2020)

Through a Lens Darkly   (Expires 3/24/2021)

To Catch a Trader  (Expires 9/17/2020)

Tomboy  (Expires 4/17/2020)

Tomorrow - Grassroots Solutions to Human Extinction  (Expires 7/16/2020)

Too Black to be French  (Expires 3/06/2021)

Tough Guise 2  (Expires 11/13/2020)

Trafficked:  the Child Sex Trade  (Expires 5/08/2020)

Triangle Fire  (Expires 8/29/2020)

Trojan Women, The  (Expires 9/25/2020)

True Meaning of Pictures, The  (Expires 08/19/2020)

Tulia, Texas  (Expires 3/06/2021)

Twice Born - Stories from the Special Delivery Unit   (Expires 4/17/2020)

Untouchable - America's Crusade Against Sex Offenders   (Expires 5/14/2020)

Urbanized (Expires 3/27/2021)

Vaccines:  Calling the Shots  (Expires 10/22/2020)

Venus Boyz  (Expires on 10/07/2020)

Viruses:  Hijackers of your Body's Cells  (Expires 4/17/2020)

Voodoo and the Church in Haiti  (Expires 1/10/2021)

Walking with the Great Apes  (Expires 9/04/2020)

War Room, The (Expires 3/11/2021)

Waste Land   (Expires 8/19/2020)

West by Orphan Train  (Expires 8/29/2020)

What is Justice?  (Expires 11/07/2020)

When the Bough Breaks   (Expires 2/05/2021)

White Like Me  (Expires 3/11/2021)

White Scripts and Black Supermen   (Expires 4/17/2020)

Who Killed Dr Bogle and Mrs Chandler  (Expires 8/28/2020)

Who's Afraid of Designer Babies?  (Expires 1/10/2021)

Wings of Desire  (Expires 1/06/2021)

World Heritage  (Expires 1/21/2021)

XXY  (Expires 11/14/2020)



















Kanopy Licensed Streaming Videos


Kanopy Streaming Title List

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