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What is RefWorks?

RefWorks is a web-based reference manager which allows the user to create and organize a personal database of citations to a variety of different kinds of materials.

Highlights of RefWorks include the ability to:

  • Keep your RefWorks account during your entire time as a student or faculty member at USF
  • Import citations from online catalogs, databases, websites etc. into your RefWorks account
  • Organize the citations in a meaningful way for multiple research interests or class projects
  • Search your RefWorks database for citations either by author or journal title
  • Format bibliographies according to most major styles such as MLA, APA etc.
  • Share your RefWorks content with users at other institutions.


Login for RefWorks - USF Campus

Use the following link to log into your RefWorks account from the USF campus.

Login for Refworks - Off Campus

In order to access RefWorks from off campus you need to use the login below.  The group code will be RWUSouthFlor

RefWorks Accounts

RefWorks accounts are available for all USF students, faculty and staff.  Accounts are web-based and are accessible from anywhere.  Users can have multiple accounts and can share accounts with colleagues.

To create a RefWorks account click RefWorks from the USF Libraries page.  RefWorks is located under Research Tools.  The link is also available in the tab above for Create an Account.   Follow the link to Sign up for an Individual Account.  Enter the information required for a new user and click Register. 

Printable RefWorks Guide

RefWorks News!

Drag and Drop References

Moving references within your RefWorks database has gotten even easier!  You can now easily drag a single reference or group of references into folders or even perform specific tasks like creating a bibliography!  From any list of references (My List, a folder, search results or all references), click on the grey bar just above the reference summary then drag it to the folder or function on the Quick Access bar (located on the right of your screen).  To drag a group of references, select the references to move using the Selected, Page or All in List radio buttons and then drag that grey section to the Quick Access bar folder or function.  

Duplicate Check After Import

The Import Results page now includes Duplicate Checking Options. You’ll see them when you are importing references via direct export from a data vendor or uploading a tagged file from an online catalog. This  allows you to conduct an exact or close match duplicate search checking your newly imported references against all references in your RefWorks database.  You’ll be able to identify and delete duplicates right away, saving you time and effort later!

Share References on Social Media Sites

In the Organize & Share Folders area, you can now share a folder or your entire RefWorks database with over 300 social media sites including Facebook and Twitter.  Once you’ve set up your sharing options and created the sharing URL, simply mouse over the share icon for your specific folder on the Organize & Share Folders page and you’ll see icons for Facebook, Twitter and more.


Visit the RefWorks 2.0 Video Channel