Alerting Services for Databases and Journals

The following guide provides information on setting up and utilizing automated searches and results at user-defined intervals for a variety of online library resources.

Alerting Services Defined

Alerting Services, also known as Current Awareness Services, are web delivery services that you can use to keep up to date with the latest articles, journals, or books in your area of interest. 

You can control the amount of information you receive and how often it is delivered to you. After you set up an alert, you will receive regular electronic notifications of new material delivered to your inbox.

Please note that information providers may refer to their alerting services using different names.

Types of Alerting Services

Table of Contents (TOC)/Journal Issue Alerts provide you with the latest table of contents of a journal via e-mail or RSS feed.

The USF Libraries recommends the use of BrowZine to set up TOC and issue alerts.

Search Alerts automatically run your saved database searches on a regular basis, retrieve newly added articles based on your search history, and deliver the results directly to your e-mail or RSS reader. 

America History&Life Search Alerts

Citation Alerts notify you when new publications cite a particular work you have chosen.

ISI Web of Knowledge Citation Alert

RSS Feeds will automatically check for updates from several websites including database searches and then display the results to you on a single webpage.

ProQuest Create RSS Feed