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Adding Citations & Delegates

How to add citations to My Bibliography

Sign into My NCBI

Search PubMed to find articles you want to add.

Single Citation Matcher Author

From within a particular article record or the search results, click on the 'Send to' drop-down.

Click on 'My Bibliography' and then the 'Add to My Bibliography' button that appears.

Send articles from PubMed to MyBib

Adding citations to My Bibliography

NOTE: You are responsible for ensuring compliance of any NIH funded publication for which you were either an author OR the PI of the grant.  This means you may need to include articles for which you were not an author but which were supported by a grant you are a PI on.

Add Delegates

You don't have to do all of the work!  Use the 'Delegate' feature to share the work with others in your lab, assistants, or with librarians.

1. From My Bibliography, click on 'Edit settings' for My Bibliography.

My Bibliography Settings Link

2. At the bottom of the page click on the link to 'Add a Delegate'

My Bibliography Add Delegate

3. Enter the email of the person you want to add as a delegate and click the 'Add Delegate' button.  You can add more than one delegate if necessary.

Confirm Delegate Connection

If you have been assigned to be a delegate for someone's My Bibliography and that person has already added you as a delegate in their account you can follow the steps below to confirm.

  1. Sign into your My NCBI account.
  2. Respond to the confirmation email you received from My NCBI by clicking on the included URL.
  3. When prompted, click on the 'Confirm Connection button.

My Bibliography delegate confirm

After completing these steps, a link to the delegated bibliography will be listed in your collections in your My NCBI account.