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Instructional content for ENC 1101 information literacy modules

The Annotated Bibliography

The Annotated Bibliography



One of the first assignments you'll have to tackle is the creation of an annotated bibliography. It sounds simple enough, right? But lots of students haven't really had much experience with bibliographies (or "works cited" pages) and aren't sure where to start. It's probably a good idea to just start simply with a plain bibliography and work your way up to the annotated version. 

This module will explore what a bibliography is, its different parts (including annotations), and how you can use a bibliography to better understand both your research and the research of others.


Lesson Objectives

After completing this module, you should be able to:

  • Identify the definition and purpose of a bibliography
  • Identify the definition and purpose of an annotation
  • Identify the components of an annotation
  • Differentiate between citations for a book, book chapter, periodical article, and web source on a sample bibliography
  • Given a sample annotated bibliography, successfully identify the parts of an entry and correctly label examples of a book, book chapter, periodical article, and a web source


jigsaw-puzzle-piece.jpgModule Activities

Please complete the following activities:


  1. Watch the video below (4:51) that describes the basic purpose and format of a bibliography and an annotation. 

  2. Read this page (opens in new tab/window) explaining annotated bibliographies, paying special attention to:
    • The definition of a bibliography
    • The definition of an annotation, and
    • "Why should I write an annotated bibliography?"
  3. Read "Why we create annotated bibliographies" (opens in new window)
  4. Watch the video below (5:42) on interpreting different types of citations in MLA bibliography format 

  5. Complete the activities linked below where you will order the parts of different bibliography entries in MLA format (articles, book chapters, books, and web pages). 
    Note: all links open in new windows/tabs.
    1. Journal article citation practice exericse
    2. Book chapter citation practice exercise
    3. Book citation practice exercise
    4. Web page citation practice exercise


head_quiz.jpegModule Quiz

Complete the quiz for this module in your Canvas course. This quiz contains 10 items in a variety of question formats. You will have 15 minutes to complete the quiz. You may take this quiz twice (highest score retained).