Library Resources for 1102

Library Resources for ENC 1102




For your assignment for project I, you are tasked with presenting an unbiased analysis of two arguments created by stakeholders with seemingly incompatible goals about an issue or topic.


With respect to conducting research, you will need to locate background information about the two stakeholders you've decided to write about and fairly represent the perspectives of each one using evidence (research resources).

 This module will introduce you to some of the resources at your disposal for locating information about your selected stakeholders. 


Lesson Objectives

After completing this module, you should be able to:

  • Locate the library course guide for ENC 1102
  • Identify three resources you can use to locate background information on your stakeholders
  • Reflect on your findings
  • Identify what to do when you aren't able to find enough information


jigsaw-puzzle-piece.jpgModule Activities

  1. View the introductory video below on locating the ENC 1102 library course guide and using library resources for Project I 
  2. Using the library course guide, select three different resources and perform a search for information about your organization, topic or issue
  3. Use the TRAAP test checklist to assess some of the resources you found in your search.

  4. Complete this online worksheet where you will reflect on your search process and  what you found. Use the provided flowchart on the worksheet if you need some additional direction.


head_quiz.jpegModule Quiz

Complete the module quiz in your Canvas course. This quiz contains four questions. You will have 10 minutes to complete the quiz. You may take this quiz twice (highest score retained).