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Donating Books & Journals to the USF Tampa Library

Acceptance of Donated Materials

At the USF Tampa Library, we appreciate your considering us as a possible recipient for gift donations. However, due to limitations in physical space within the library, the amount of staff time required, and high processing costs, the majority of gift items proposed for donation to the USF Tampa Library will NOT be accepted and added to the library's general collection. In order to be accepted, materials must be highly relevant to the teaching and research needs of the University of South Florida. 

All potential gifts will be carefully evaluated by collection management librarians, who will make a determination regarding the suitability of these materials for addition to the library's existing research collections. All donated materials will become the unrestricted property of the USF Libraries, which reserves the right to recycle or discard any items that do not meet the needs of the existing collections.


In selection review, in order to be considered for acceptance, the following suitability factors will be considered: 


Donated materials must be:

  • Academic titles that are highly relevant to the teaching and research needs of the university;
  • Materials that are within the scope of existing collection development policies, which have lasting research value;
  • Unique titles that are not already owned by the library (this includes both in print or electronic format);
  • Materials that are in good, clean, usable physical condition


        The USF Tampa Library will NOT accept materials, such as:

  • Textbooks
  • Previous editions of currently held titles
  • Materials that have any hint of mold, mildew, smoke, or pest infestation
  • Materials with broken spines, loose pages, dog-eared pages
  • Materials that contain highlighting, underlining, or annotations
  • United States government publications
  • Outdated legal, medical, or reference materials
  • Popular magazines or newspapers
  • Print journals, unless the title completes a run of journals already owned that is not available electronically
  • Popular fiction
  • Trade/mass-market paperbacks
  • Practical “how-to” guides
  • Obsolete formats, such as LPs, filmstrips, cassette tapes, VHS tapes, etc.
  • Electronic materials requiring dated or specialized software
  • Materials which might cause the library to be liable for copyright infringement


Accepted Donations will be:

  • Researched for best possible disposition, then either

  • Retained for the USF Tampa Library Collection, or

  • Discarded and recycled if not within the Library's research mission


Procedure for Donating Materials to the USF Tampa Library


After reviewing the criteria outlined under Acceptance of Donated Material, if the materials that you wish to donate meet the criteria for what the USF Tampa Library can accept, please follow this procedure::

1. Make a list of all of the materials that meet the stated criteria under Acceptance of Donated Material

2. For books: Include the author and title of each book and the ISBN number, if possible.

3. For journals: include the title of the journal, the volume numbers, and the ISSN number, if possible

4. Send the complete list to the USF Tampa Library either by mail or via email.

By Mail:                                                                      By email:                                                                     

USF Tampa Library                                             

4202 E. Fowler Ave.  LIB 122                                     John Abresch

Tampa, FL 33620                                                   
ATTN:  John Abresch
            Collections & Discovery

5. After reviewing the materials on the list, you will be contacted by John Abresch, Coordinator of Collections, who will let you know whether the library will accept your donation or not.

6. If approved, you will receive a confirmation email or letter from John Abresch, letting you know which materials the library will be able to accept.

7. Arrangements will be made for a mutually agreeable time for the donation to be received by the library. 

8. You will need to have a copy of the signed approval with you when you bring the donation to the library, or the library staff will not be able to accept your donation.


Donations from USF Faculty


USF Faculty who would like to donate substantial collections of scholarly works that have lasting research value for the students and faculty of the university, should contact John Abresch, Collections/Acquisitions Librarian ( or 813-974-7221 ). Since the library has limited space for additional collections, we are unable to accept all of the materials that professors currently have in their offices! The library asks that you please submit a list of the books and/or journals that you would like to donate to the library, so that these materials can be evaluated and a decision can be made on whether these items can be added to the library's collections.  


USF Faculty who only have a couple of items to donate, please contact John Abresch directly ( or 813-974-7221).