SYP 4420: Consumer Culture

Locating Articles

Finding the Full Article

Some of the databases listed in this guide will provide a link to the full text of the article.  If, however,  the full article is available online through another source you can find it by clicking on one of the following links:



If there is no electronic copy of the article, both  and  will also give a link to the USF Libraries catalog.  Journals available in print will be listed there with the call number.

Other Article Databases

Access to the resources listed below is provided by the USF Libraries to users connected to a USF campus network and to off-campus USF students, faculty, and staff who have logged in via BlackBoard, VPN, or USF’s proxy server.

Searching Tips

Truncation allows a user to search various word endings by adding a character like * at the end of a word root.  Education* would include educational for example.  Most databases and catalogs use the asterisk as the truncation feature.

Adjacency makes words be side by side rather than anywhere in the expanded citation, bibliography etc.  The most common adjacency is the quotation marks.  "teacher evaluation" assures that the words are next to each other and should cut down on unrelated citations.