ENC 1101: Composition I

This guide offers some excellent resources as starting points for your projects.

Finding & Using Scholarly Resources

What are Scholarly Resources?

In many of your college courses, you will be asked to use scholarly (or peer-reviewed) resources. In this context, "Scholarly" means that an article was written by an expert in that field, and published. Most, but not all, scholarly resources go through what's known as "Peer Review", which is the process of putting an author's work through the scrutiny of other scholars & experts in their field.  

There are scholarly books, but most often, your professor will be expecting you to use an article that was published in a peer-reviewed journal. But where to find these scholarly journal articles? You are in luck! The USF Library provides access to hundreds of scholarly articles through its many scholarly databases

You can also search for journal articles right from the library's home page using the FIND IT search!

Ok, so what are Databases?

A database is an online collection of articles that you can search by topic or keyword. Databases are great sources for articles because much of the content in databases is published scholarly resources. Not ALL of it - as you may remember from your search for popular resources, databases also offer things like magazines and newspapers, however, the vast majority is.

Most of our databases offer links to the full text of articles.  Check out the short video below for tips on searching in scholarly databases: 

A super quick way to get access to scholarly articles is through the FIND It! Search on the library's main page. Check out a short video on how it works: