International Baccalaureate Students

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism includes copying text from a source, turning in a paper written by someone else, and using someone else's ideas without citation.

What to cite

These Need to Be Credited:

  • “Real,” word-for-word quotes
  • Paraphrases (these should be in your own words, not simply adapted)

  • Ideas from other sources (published, as in a magazine or website, or unpublished, as froma lecture or conversation)

  •  “Copy-and-pastes” from anywhere

 These Do Not Need to Be Cited:

  • Your life

  • Your research, writing, or art

  • “Common knowledge” or everyday information, like historical or scientific facts (not the same as published opinions or reviews)

 (Adapted from The OWL at Purdue,


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