International Baccalaureate Students

Access to Computers, Printing, Copying and Scanning


Access to computers at the USF Library is restricted. A small group of public access computers are available on the first floor of the library. A temporary password can be obtained at the circulation desk by showing a picture ID (school ID or driver’s license). Be aware that these computers have Internet access only and do not have any other software programs (including MS Office, Word, etc) loaded on them. Consider bringing a flash drive if you want to save/download documents.


Scanners are available on the first floor and in the basement. Pages from books and other documents can be scanned and e-mailed at no cost.

Save to a Flash Drive


  • Place your flash drive in the USB port.
  • Open articles of interest.
  • Look for the PDF icon to view the PDF.
  • From the PDF viewer, select the SAVE function (it often appears as a small floppy disk icon) or, in some cases, "Download."
  • With HTML files, simply go to File, and then Save As.
  • Navigate to your flash drive. (From MyDocuments, click the down arrow to find your flash drive (usually labelled "removable disk",  in drive E or F).
  • Save. You may want to give the file a better name before you save.