Tips and Tricks

Manage Your Time

Create a routine. Whether it’s every day, or only a few hours a week, set a schedule and stick to it. 


Healthy communication is key! Get to know your collaborators. Meet regularly face-to-face. Encourage openness, listening & friendly discourse.

Take Notes

Keep a journal! Reserve time at the end of each working session to document what you did, how you did it, and what 

you need to do next.

Set Goals

Identify the major tasks you must do to complete your project. Break those down into bite-sized pieces. Assign roles, create deadlines, and stick to them.

Organize Your Research

Find It, File It, Save It, Back It Up! Create a filing system and workflow. Use it every time. 

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Free Project Management Apps

It can be tricky to coordinate all the plans and projects you have going on at home, school, or work. Luckily, there are a number of free project management apps available that will allow you to organize all the diverse aspects of your life. Take a look at these free resources and help yourself get organized!