Campus Conversations

How Can I Incorporate These Resources into My Course(s)?

Campus Conversations are intended to help students develop the ability to interact respectfully with all people and understand individuals' differences. While some of the resources presented here may not tie into your curriculum directly, our theme, "Who Am I?," is universal and can be used regardless of field or discipline.   

If you need help identifying additional resources that support your curriculum more effectively, contact the subject librarian in your area. 

Developing Student Assignments and Projects

Discussion posts and short essay assignments are effective ways to gauge a student's understanding of course content. But, how about incorporating more exciting projects that allow students to develop more personalized responses to selected readings and viewings?  Storyboards, concept maps, photographic essays, poster presentations, and more are excellent ways to engage students in both creative and critical thinking on the topic "Who Am I?". 

Discussion Topics

Here are 10 few topics that you can incorporate into your classroom and Canvas discussions to encourage active dialogue:  

How do I construct my identity as a [scientist, anthropologist, artist]? How is my identity constructed by other groups and individuals in different fields of study?
What privileges do we as [scientists, anthropologists, artists] embody?  How can we effectively utilize the privileges embodied by our profession to empower other groups and individuals?
How do other fields of study interpret our identity, privilege, and power as [scientists, anthropologists, artists] in society? What is intersectionality, and how does it impact my position in society as a/an [scientist, anthropologist, artist]?
How did the Social Identity Wheel help me understand my relationships with other individuals in my class, field, or profession?  Can the Social Identity Wheel help me expand my affiliation with other groups and individuals outside of my immediate circle of friends, classmates, etc.)?