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Certificate Error When Accessing Online Resources

You may receive the following message when accessing online resources (appearance might vary depending on browser; example here should match Chrome, Edge, Brave, and Opera):


This may be caused by your Windows operating system and/or web browser.  The steps below may aid is resolving this issue.

Clear the DNS cache in Windows.
Open a command prompt by right-clicking on the Windows logo in the lower left corner and clicking on Windows PowerShell.  

Note: Your PC might say Command Prompt instead.  If so, click on Command Prompt.

Type the following command in the terminal window and hit the Enter/Return key:
ipconfig /flushdns

You can close this window.


Clear the cache on your browser.  

Follow the steps below for your specific browser.

For Chrome, Edge, Brave, and Opera:

In the browser address bar type the corresponding item below:

When the page loads there will be a button to clear Host resolver cache.  Click that button.

For Firefox:
Type the following in the browser address bar:  about:conifg and hit the Enter/Return key.  
Click on Accept the Risk and Continue button.

In the settings search box type in network.dnsCacheExpiration and click on the edit button for the top entry.  Change the setting from 60 to 0.

Click the checkmark to the right to save.  

You can close that window.