ENC 1101: Composition I

This guide offers some excellent resources as starting points for your projects.

Finding Background Information

Public Writing Resources

What is public writing?

Also called popular or non-scholarly resources, public writing is just that - for the public. It's not scholarly journal articles - It's published in newspapers, magazines, and on blogs and websites, to name a few. Something very important to keep in mind when using public resources for your college writing? Not all public resources are worthwhile sources for you to use. When doing research on a topic, it is important to use reliable sources of information. Often we use scholarly articles, which present research and information directly from the source. However, we can also use reliable popular articles to find good information on a topic. Popular articles can be found in general interest publications like newspapers and magazines.

There are many places to find popular articles. Many publications, such as the New York Times, Forbes, Scientific American, or Popular Science have their own websites. 

You can access newspapers and magazines via the USF Library databases. For more information, check out the page on Finding and Evaluating Public Resources.

Article Databases