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Honors and Awards Council

About the Honors and Awards Council

The Honors and Awards Council is a standing Council of the USF Faculty Senate and receives authority for its actions through that body.

Charge: The Honors and Awards Council is responsible for conveying to the Faculty Senate, the Provost and President the names it recommends to receive various academic honors and awards granted by or through the University of South Florida. Currently, the Council evaluates nominations for:

  1. Theodore & Venette Askounes-Ashford Distinguished Scholar Award
  2. Distinguished Service Award
  3. Honorary Degree
  4. Jerome Krivanek Distinguished Teacher Award
  5. Kosove Distinguished Graduate Teaching and Service Award
  6. Kosove Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching and Service Award

Chair: Barbara Hansen (
A full list of council members can be found here.


Membership of the Honors and Awards Council

Membership shall consist of:

  1. One faculty representative from each college and academic unit from USF Tampa with voting representation in the Faculty Senate.  There shall be one additional faculty representative from any college having more than 250 full-time faculty members, plus a third faculty representative from any college having more than 400 full-time faculty members. Faculty members of the Council will be appointed for staggered three-year terms, with one third retiring each year. Members may serve two consecutive terms, after which they must retire from the Council for one full year before seeking re-appointment.
  2. One alumnus,-a will be appointed for a one-year term (voting).
  3. Commencement Coordinator (ex-officio and non-voting).

Appointment of Members: Nominees will submit nomination forms to the Committee on Committees of the Faculty Senate which will review each nominee.  The Faculty Senate President will appoint the members of this Council upon the recommendation of the Faculty Senate.