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Journal Evaluation

Before responding to that article request or sending off your manuscript, evaluate the journal's credentials. While the growth of online publications have contributed to the ease and speed of publishing study findings, it has also increased the number of publishers who are unscholarly at best and outright predatory at worst.

Below we've listed some tools you can use to evaluate the journal before you publish.

Is the journal recognized as scholarly?​​​​​​​

**IMPORTANT NOTE: When looking up a journal, check that the title and ISSN match the journal as listed. One common device that predatory publishers use is to create titles that are extremely similar to well-known, respected journals with only a slight variation.**

Investigate the journal

Use the following resources along with the journal's website to determine how the journal is viewed within the discipline and what to expect when you publish with the journal. Do they charge a fee for article publication? Will the article be open access or embargoed for a time period first? Some of the following resources can help.

Other Journal Evaluation Tools