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Conducting a Literature Review


Welcome to the library workshop and guide Conducting a Literature Review.  In this workshop we will be reviewing pertinent library resources and services you should know about that will be useful to you when putting together a research plan and doing library research.

After attending this workshop you will be able to:                                   

  • Identify what a literature review is
  • Develop a research question
  • Write a search statement/Formulate a search strategy
  • Identify appropriate databases to search
  • Identify useful research strategies (bibliographic trail, alerting services, RefWorks, keeping a record of what was searched and the results)

Develop a Research Plan

  • Design a search strategy for searching the appropriate databases or a concept map
  • Be comprehensive
  • Follow the bibliographic trail
    Read Bibliographies
    Identify Dissertations
    Locate scholars on your topic and in your field
    Search WorldCat
    Check Cited References
    Use controlled vocabulary in thesauri for pearl growing
  • Use "Alerting Services"
  • Employ a bibliographic management tool

  • Keep notes of where you looked, what you used to locate information (search terms) and what you found

  • Use controlled vocabulary, thesauri, descriptors, and/or subject terms

  • Don't use federated searching


Basic Library Tutorials

These TUTORIALS will provide you with background information about how to use the library such as logging in to the library webpage from off campus, using Find It!, searching three basic databases, etc.  If you are new to using the library or need a refresher, please review these tutorials.