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Researcher Guide


  Access is crucial in research.

  Use this guide to ascertain information about:

  • Collaboration
  • Copyright
  • Databases
  • Funding
  • Instruments & Tools
  • Training



Contact Shimberg Health Sciences Library at 813-974-8432, or go to the Request a Consultation tab to meet with a librarian or schedule a library class. If you have a suggestion/comment about services, please fill out the form below.     

Getting Started:

Acquire a unique digital researcher identifier. Manage and track your publications. Find collaborators. Avoid misidentification.

Become knowledgeable about copyright, patents, and publishing. Be aware of what's out there.

Familiarize yourself with Library resources. Find and access resources faster and easier.

Learn how to obtain funding for your research. Know what's available and how to acquire it.

Know who to ask for help. Start at the right place and move forward from there.

Meet the Shimberg Research & Education Librarians:

  • Ardis Hanson, College of Medicine Liaison, Assistant Director 
  • Allison Howard, College of Public Health Liaison
  • Krystal Bullers, College of Pharmacy Liaison
  • Randy Polo, College of Nursing Liaison
  • Stephanie Tomlinson, College of Medicine Liaison

Library training can cover: learning how to search and navigate specific databases like CINAHL and PubMed, assistance with systematic reviews, how to use EndNote, and more.

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