About SelectedWorks

SelectedWorks is a web-based professional research portfolio tool developed by bepress. The University of South Florida branded profile pages provide faculty with the tools to easily build and maintain their own professionally designed research portfolios. Scholarly profiles enable authors to share their articles, presentations, and other works while maintaining control of their dissemination. For more information about SelectedWorks go to or click here to create an account.

Sample Page

Creating an account

The following instructions will walk you through creating and populating your SelectedWorks accounts.

  • Go to and click on the “Start Your SelectedWorks Site” button on the right side of the screen.

  • Under “Create New Account,” click on the “Sign up” button, then fill in the registration form. 

  • You will be sent an email..  Follow the instructions in the email to confirm your account and you will be sent to a webpage to start your site.

  • The access code is scholarship.

  • The form creates a default url for your SelectedWorks page, which is a concatenation of your first and last name (e.g.,  You may change your name portion of this url (e.g.,

  • The form also defaults your institution to the one you entered in the “Create New” Account” form.

  • Select your academic field(s)/discipline(s).  You may select more than one.

  • Check the agreement box after viewing the “Terms of Service” and the “Privacy Policy,” then click on “Build Site Now.”  You will receive a confirmation email that your site has been built.

  • The system checks to see if it can find “published” item in its database which matches or is similar to your name and displays the records it finds.  Unfortunately, it automatically selects every record and there isn’t an unselect all feature, so you’ll have to un-check those items which are not yours.  If the system doesn’t find any records that match your name, this step will be bypassed.

  • From your My Account page click on “Edit My Site” in the top menu bar.  This page has buttons to upload content, provide an introductory paragraph, etc.  “Edit About Me,” in the right side menu, is where you may enter your contact information and upload your photo and CV.

Finally if you go to Scholar Commons @USF ( you’ll see the Library’s community structure by clicking on “Research unit, center, or department.”  Also, click on the SelectedWorks Gallery to see everyone with an account who has identified USF as their institution.  If your record doesn’t appear in the Gallery within a couple of business days after creating your account or if you have any problems creating your account or building your website, please contact Barbara Lewis at or 813-974-4040.