Digital Humanities Resources and Toolkits

Getting Started: For Students

There are many opportunities for students to engage with DH, both in the classroom and in the course of life long scholarly inquiry. 

  • integrated and accessible collections of dispersed research materials
  • new ways of processing data, particularly large bodies of data
  • new ways of representing data
  • new connections between different types of data
  • new desktop working environments
  • support for collaboration, networking and community building
  • new forms of output and dissemination

Johanna Drucker and David Kim have made available an open, self-guided 101 course on DH for new comers to the subject. Check out suggested readings, tutorials, and an explanation of methodology from leading field experts at the UCLA Center for Digital Humanities.

Intro to Digital Humanities: DH 101


For more inspiration on where to start your research, read "Where to Start? On Research Questions in the Digital Humanities" by DHer Trevor Owens.